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When people think of places that inspire fashion, Maine probably isn’t one of the first places that comes to mind. However, for his fall 2020 runway show Todd Snyder looked to Maine to inspire his latest collection which was a mix of outdoor chic and downtown New York City cool. Todd Snyder is known for his modern American take on menswear, an idea that he has adapted to various aesthetics ranging from sporty to street. This time Snyder took on the outdoors.

The collection featured modern Balmacaan overcoats, Harris tweed sack jackets, and nylon down puffer vests. The thought of pairing a corduroy suit with a sleeveless puffer jacket might sound a little outrageous, but it was this juxtaposition that Snyder used to make a statement. While the nature trail guy and the cosmopolitan city guy may not think they have much in common, there can be a crossover and intersectionality. So much of American fashion grew out of utilitarian needs, and while a puffer jacket is needed for protection from the weather, a corduroy suit is both winter appropriate and meets the formal guidelines of suiting up.

The brand’s classic pieces also took a trek into unchartered territory by mixing high-tech fabrications with off-the grid aesthetics. Merino thermal sweaters in blaze orange and neon were paired with tailored suiting and duck camouflage. Buffalo check, which typically has a rustic feel, was given a style centric overhaul when paired with yellow corduroy trousers and a shearling-lined aviator hat.

Luxury and the outdoors have rarely been synonymous, but there is more opportunity for those two to intertwine than is obvious, which is what this collection proffered. Merino wool, the finest wool next to cashmere, is both a fashion forward and cold weather aiding material. Shearling is considered a quintessential luxury. Wool trousers are a staple and can be worn to the office or walking through Maine on a winter day.

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Todd Snyder also took a very democratized approach to fashion with a 40-piece capsule collection with L.L. Bean, fitting for a collection that was inspired by Maine L.L. Bean was founding base. Todd Snyder did his own take on L.L. Bean’s best-known styles including oil cloth Bean Boots, chamois shirting and sweaters in duck print, hand-knit Cowichan logo sweaters, and outerwear in L.L. Bean’s signature plaid. It was outdoor tradition with a city boy touch.

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