Editor’s Pick: Jia Collection; The Only Way to Travel


Are you always on the move, living out of a suitcase as you fly from one major city to next? Well, maybe you don’t live the life of an international traveler or jetsetter, but if you are thinking about going on vacation one of your concerns might be how to be chic and fabulous while packing fewer clothes.  And you want to have room in your luggage for all those great items you find while vacationing in exotic locales.

Jia Collection has come up with a great solution to this conundrum.  With an entire wardrobe that is reversible, Jia can shrink an entire week’s wardrobe into just three fashion-forward, chic looks. From great separates to easy, sophisticated knit dresses, Jia Collection is the go-to brand that combines advanced knitwear techniques with modern trends and construction. And with price points ranging from $185 to $380 there are lots of looks that can fit a variety of lifestyles and budgets.

Images courtesy of EFG PR

Who said you can’t travel light!!

Jia Collection is available online at www.jiacollection.com

—Earlean Suitte-Henderson

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