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Coco_Mitchell_15With Fashion Weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris completed, and Couture Week and the fall 2014 ready-to-wear fashion weeks just on the horizon, Coco Mitchell gives a nuanced and a layered perspective on what’s currently required for working models. With great care and intelligence, Coco Mitchell generously imparts her pearls of wisdom.

In this installation, Coco gives advice on diet, runway walks, and what makes a Supermodel.

I have been on several go-sees and I realize most of the girls are a lot thinner than I am, I eat healthy but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. What to do?

—Not thin enough

Coco Mitchell: Cut out all products that contain flour (cakes, cookies, pancake cakes, bread and pasta). Next, cut out rice, potatoes and corn (including popcorn) and cut down your salt intake by not eating any kind of chips.  By eliminating these products you should drop some pounds.

My agency loves my walk but they think I look too sweet. How do I bring out my “inner fierce”?

—Fierce deficiency

Coco Mitchell:  When you are on the runway, you have to be more commanding. I suggest you focus be directed total toward the photographers or the wall in front of you, walking with purpose in every step making every move definite.  I achieve a focus fierce walk by taking deep breaths through my nose (without raising m chest) and slowly exhaling (through a slightly open mouth), always mentally giving thanks for the incredible opportunities afforded you.

Hi Coco, I am a black model and I walked in 10 shows during New York

Fashion Week. I want to walk in more shows, not just in NYC, but globally. Any advice?

—Striving for more

Coco Mitchell:  I saw you in a couple of shows and you definitely stood out. I suggest not to rests on your recent success. Keep striving to be better. Continue to ask yourself is this good enough? What do I need to do to arrive at Supermodel status? With careful reflection and study I am sure you will conquer not only New York, but also have success in other fashion capitals.

What makes a model a Supermodel?

—Supermodel aspirations

Coco Mitchell: I believe having interests outside of modeling gives a model depth and perspective. Through dance lessons, acting lessons, old movies, museum visits and art and multi-media art installations, a model gets to experience the world and other cultures, even if she/he hasn’t traveled to those places. Remember, designers get inspiration from a wide range of influences, and in order to be able to facilitate their vision, it is important for a model to be aware of those influences. A Supermodel is more than a great beauty. A Supermodel evokes mood, and above all sells product.

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