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Coco_Mitchell_15With New York Fashion Week just on the horizon, modeling agencies are busy signing new models and preparing comp cards and look books and for their new recruits, as well as keeping their stable of established models portfolio’s fresh and current. With all the hustle and bustle that happens in preparation for New York Fashion Week, Coco Mitchell gives much needed advice and encouragement to young models who always seek her wizened counsel.

Always aware of what the industry currently requires for new models, Coco Mitchell with great care and intelligence generously imparts her pearls of wisdom. In this installation, Coco gives advice on dressing for go-sees, casting protocol, and pushing your career to the next level.

Hi, Miss Coco, I’m 14 years old and when I go on castings the other girls are always asking me questions. Should I answer?

Young and Questioning

 Coco: I think you should respond if the other models are asking you which modeling management agency you are signed with. Respond honestly and candidly if they ask you questions about who shot the looks in your portfolio or about the fashion business in general.

Being honest and positive is a great way to make friends. Plus, some models are not happy with their agency and are looking to change management. I would stay away from anything too personal.

However, remember castings are all about you booking the job and not a social get-together. Keep conversation and chatter to a minimum!!


When going on go-sees do I have to dress in the designer’s style?

—Style Revamp

Coco: When going on go-sees I believe you should be acquainted with the designer’s style; however, no one will expect a new model to wear the designer’s clothing or brand at the go-see. (That comes after you start making money.)  Consider that a lot of these brands are expensive, and you are not rolling in cash, yet.

I suggest that you be well groomed—pedicure/manicure, bikini, under arms, and legs hairless. Be confident and do some research on that designer/brand before the go-see. Remember, knowledge is power!!


Coco, my agent said she was going to send me to work in Paris, but she hasn’t brought it up again. Do you think she changed her mind?


Coco: Do not be afraid of your agent. Remember, she works for you!! After all, the agency does take 20% of your earned income.

That said; be as bubbly and as charming as you can be and say “I can’t wait to go to Paris!! Is there something I should be doing to get ready?” Agencies appreciate models that are proactive and ambitious. Though you are signed and have a agent, this is your career. If working in Paris is your goal, put the wheels in motion!!

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