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Coco_Mitchell_08In this third installation, supermodel Coco Mitchell gives advice to young models about personality, charm and evoking mood and feeling in front of the camera. Always aware of what the industry currently requires for new models, Coco Mitchell with great care and intelligence imparts her pearls of wisdom. She truly  is a benevolent keeper of the secrets!!


Dear Ms. Coco,

I’ve been trying to launch my modeling career for a year now. I keep hearing I need personality. I HAVE PERSONALITY!!!  But for some reason my personality is not coming through. I need some clarity. HELP!!


Coco Mitchell: It’s not about not having personality because we all have personality. Our personalities evolve through our experiences. It’s obvious that you are frustrated and that part of your personality should never be shown to the public. Like it or not, as a working model you are now a public figure. The personality you need is bigger and brighter than what you think.

I believe that you can attain this bigger, brighter personality by first putting aside your feelings of frustration and humbling yourself. Become excited about life the way child anticipates receiving a gift or a toy or going to Disneyland. That child sees himself already on the rides at Disneyland. That child will turn on the charm, too. Stir up that excited, anticipating and charming child inside!

Don’t let go of your dream. Eventually that light of excited anticipation will turn into charm and it will be there all the time. Clients, friends, and even strangers will be drawn to it. Practice the art of anticipation.

Good luck!!


Hello Coco:

I’m a male model and I need to know what is posing and how can I improve my technique?

 —Southern Comfort

Coco Mitchell: Posing is not what it was in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or even the 90’s. Sometimes, at a photo shoot the designer or the photographer will tell you what they want; but not always. Currently, in the industry for male models it is more about emoting than the positioning of your body. Emoting is projecting on the outside what you’re thinking, and your thoughts and mood you are evoking will determine how you will position your body. In other words, you become an actor projecting through the photographic  image to the consumer “you will feel like this when you wear these clothes.”

This is a very powerful position to be in. Practice in the mirror. Take pictures of yourself. Do free tests with a variety of photographers—always know beforehand what the photographer has in mind.




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