Fashion News Alert: The First Lady’s Magazine Cover, Kate Spade and Heinz Ketchup, and Saks Close to Acquiring Neiman Marcus

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You would have to be living under a rock or in alternate universe if you haven’t been witnessing the media’s commentary on President Joe Biden’s age and assumed decrepit physical state based on his disastrous debate with Donald Trump. With all the brouhaha around Biden’s presidential viability, you would think that is the only news coming out of the White House.

Wrong!! Another White House narrative that is just under the radar is the First Lady Jill Biden August Vogue cover. And this issue comes out just in time for the Democratic Convention in August.

For the August Vogue cover, Jill Biden dons a white Ralph Lauren Collection dress and Irene Neuwirth earrings. Jill Biden is photographed by Norma Jean Roy and interviewed for the August issue by Maya Singer. In the interview with Singer, Jill Biden discusses her husband’s 2024 presidential campaign and her support of women’s initiatives.

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Red rules

As you probably know by now, collaborations are a huge deal in the fashion industry. Fashion designers collaborate with everything and everyone from graphic artists, pop stars and celebrities to video game designers.

Perhaps the most unusual fashion collaboration is the recent collaboration between Kate Spade and Heinz. This collaboration combines the Heinz brand’s iconic red and Spade’s colorful, vibrant style based on the boldness of New York City.

“At Kate Spade New York, we believe in exploring the journey of self-expression through style in fun, unexpected ways,” said Jennifer Lyu, SVP and head of design at Kate Spade New York, as reported in

“It’s the thoughtful details that bring this collection with Heinz to life–from the embellishments on the tee and the way our 3D ketchup bag looks just like that classic red and white packet. The playful designs are perfect for all of summer’s special moments, capturing the spirit of the season. I’m excited for customers across generations to experience a little piece of the magic we created with Heinz.”

This collaborative collection will contain totes, pouches, small leather goods, ready to wear tees, footwear, keychains, phone cases, and more. This limited collection will have price points that range from $45 to $398 and will be launched across global markets in China, Europe, Japan, North America, and Southeast Asia.

“Kate Spade New York shares many values with Heinz–from creating products of the highest quality that are expertly crafted by masters and leave no detail untouched, to exhibiting true devotion to our fans. In return, both brands have incredibly loyal fanbases that transcend generations. At Heinz, we love to celebrate the unique and unconventional ways our fans show their love for us, and this collection is the perfect opportunity to do so,” explained Megan Lang, head of global Heinz brand communications and creativity.

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Two are better than one

There is a deal afoot that could merge two of the largest retail stores in the US. Saks Fifth Avenue is close to acquiring Neiman Marcus Group for 2.65 billion dollars. An unnamed entity that is close to the deal has revealed that Inc. and Salesforce Inc. will help facilitate the deal by Saks owner Hudson’s Bay Co.

This deal will include 39 Saks Fifth Avenue stores and 36 stores of the Dallas-based Neiman Marcus, as well as two Bergdorf Goodman stores based in New York City and Saks and Neiman Marcus outlets. The merger of these two megastores will cut costs and boost profits. This deal is the result of negotiations and talks that have been going on between Saks and Neiman Marcus since 2020.

The involvement of Amazon “adds a bit of spice to an otherwise predictable deal,” GlobalData analyst Neil Saunders wrote in a research note. Its stake would make sense, he said, “as it has ambitions to play more heavily in the luxury space and this would give it a toehold, as reported in”

“The department-store model has been failing because the whole business was designed for a completely different retail environment than what we have now,” Morningstar analyst David Swartz said, as reported in “Every part of department stores has been challenged by competition.”

Saks Fifth Avenue has more stores on the East Coast with Neiman Marcus stores expanding across the Midwest and western parts of the US. This merger will give the partners in this deal a combined proliferation across the entire US.

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