Dippity Don’t Says: July 2024

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Independence Day is just around the corner, meaning it’s time for barbecue, fireworks, and tea. While the tea is usually served iced cold (hopefully sweet) in July, Fashion Reverie has come to serve it hot. The fashion industry has been filled with rumors of major moves and business dealings, and as usual, Fashion Reverie has the monthly dish. Get your teacups ready!!

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We need sales!!

This top luxury brand everyone wanted just several seasons ago has taken one of the worst falls from grace. Once the crown jewel of this luxury conglomerate’s multi-brand portfolio, throughout 2024, their sales have continued to decline. Their sales have become so terrible that they are laying off client-facing positions, including sales associates, which is almost unheard of unless there are store closures.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. This brand brought in a new designer in the fall, but sales for his designs have been lackluster, and it doesn’t seem sales will perk up anytime soon.

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Another fashion app bites the dust

Earlier this month, software company Launchmetrics emailed its platform’s users, letting them know that GPS Radar is shutting down. The app was how many fashion industry professionals received and tracked their event invitations for New York Fashion Week shows.

 It appears the end of GPS Radar could have been prevented. Industry sources say there was a deal in the works in 2023 to sell GPS Radar to another owner, but once that fell through, they were forced to sell. R.I.P. to receiving invitation notifications through GPS Radar. Fashion will have to get used to Google Calendar invites.

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Chanel who?

In early June, Chanel announced artistic director, Virginie Viard, would be stepping down after five years in her current role and nearly thirty years at the brand. This prominent fashion designer, once the creative director of a major luxury label, has been spotted in Paris hunting for apartments. Chanel also reportedly refuted any questions regarding where who the next creative director position will be when asked by industry professionals Although Chanel is not the only fashion house in Paris with an open position, this designer could be a surprise contender for one of the biggest jobs in fashion.

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I want it all!!

This legendary fashion figure may have passed away in 2020, but his 9 heirs are still battling over the contents of the will. The major dispute is between two of his muses, who are allegedly locked in a drama so heated that it could’ve been a full-season plot on the original ‘80s soap opera “Dynasty.” If distributed equitably, his $270 million fortune would leave each heir $30 million richer.

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