Fashion Reverie’s Summer 2024 Fashion Quiz

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As we head into the summer season, it is always a good idea to look back at some of the great fashion news that has occurred in the first half of the year. From noted fashion designers that have passed away to new celebrity brand ambassadors to fashion brands that are closing shop, there is always lots of movement in the fashion industry.

Every season, Fashion Reverie curates a fashion quiz to test our viewers’ knowledge of current events in the fashion industry. Take the quiz and test your skill!!

1.Which fashion designer was the winner of “Project Runway: All Stars, Season 20?

   a) Christian Siriano

    b) Bishme Cromartie

    c) Malan Breton


2. Did the department store Nordstrom’s start out as a

     a) women’s apparel line

      b) luxury department store

      c) footwear store


3. How many times has the Ralph Lauren brand created uniforms for the US Olympic teams?

       a) ten times

       b) nine times

       c) seven times


4. Which noted fashion stylist has a new book coming out?

       a) Law Roach

       b) Phillip Bloch

       c) June Ambrose


5. What famous duo is coming together for a potential new fashion reality TV show?

        a) Austin Scarlett and Santino Rice

        b) Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum

        c) Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie


6. Want is the name of Supermodel Bella Hadid’s new fragrance?

        a) Bella

        b) Slay

        c) Ôrəbella


7. When did Conde Nast Union reach an agreement with Conde Nast over wages and benefits?

         a) June 15, 2024

         b) May Day, 2024

         c) May 6, 2024


8. Which esteemed European fashion brand is removing their clothing and accessories from        discount outlets?

         a) Chanel

         b) Gucci

         c) Louis Vuitton


9. Which famous fashion designer is stepping down from his eponymous fashion brand?

          a) Dries von Noten

          b) Rick Owens

          c) Ralph Lauren


10. Which international fashion designer died in April of this year?

          a) Issey Miyake

          b) Vivienne Westwood

          c) Roberto Cavalli


11. Which legendary magazine may go belly up in 2024?

         a) Paper magazine

         b) Marie Claire magazine

         c) Sports Illustrated magazine


12. Idris Elba has a campaign with which menswear brand?

         a) John Varvatos

         b) Calvin Klein

         c) Perry Ellis

Answer Key: 1) Bishme Cromartie; 2) Footwear store; 3) Nine times; 4) Law Roach; 4) Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritche; 6) Ôrəbella; 7) May 6, 2024; 8) Gucci; 9) Dries von Noten; 10) Roberto Cavalli; 11) Sports Illustrated; 12) Calvin Klein

        William S. Gooch



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