7 LGBTQIA+ Designers You Should Know

It’s no secret that queer people are the backbone of the fashion industry. From designers to photographers and models to publicists, men and women who are part of queer culture are often at the helm. It’s joked about, like a hushed secret, that gay men are more attuned to details. But there’s truth to that. Gay men and women venture into the fashion industry already accustomed to second glances from those in society who can’t accept that people should just love who they want. Because of this need to grow a thicker skin, many become avant-garde and precocious designers that push the boundaries of fashion.

For Pride Month, Fashion Reverie is honoring just a few designers who have encouraged fashion and design into spaces one couldn’t imagine. Halston’s simplistic, draped designs dressed the socialites of the ‘70s, Vivier’s elegant shoes tapped us into the heels of today, and Michael Kors’ consumer accessibility brought the ideals of luxury fashion to American masses.


Ever since the Netflix Docu-series on Halston, this talented designer has once again been thrust into the limelight. The American designer’s clean and minimalist designs became a fundamental part of the ‘70s disco scene in New York City. And deservedly so. His creations were the perfect mix of bohemian and classic, throw in his presence at the Battle of Versailles or the dance floor of Studio 54 and the Swans of 5th Avenue would come fluttering to his doorstep.

Roger Vivier

When it comes to designer heels three names come to mind, Louboutin, Manolo, and Vivier. Roger Vivier’s shoes fall under the classic category of “If you know, you know.” The modern style of stiletto topped with a chrome buckle is one of Vivier’s signature looks and became a must-have in the ‘60s. During the late 2000s, his brand would have a resurgence after being mentioned in the popular show Gossip Girl as a favorite designer of Blair Waldorf.

Christian Siriano

Coming from a “Project Runway” background, Christian Siriano has taken the fashion world by storm after winning the fashion reality show’s fourth season. His detailed gowns now make regular appearances on red carpets everywhere. Known for elaborate layers of chiffon and bright colors, Siriano is a designer worth keeping your eye on.

Alexander McQueen – Backstage at the controversial
Spring/Summer 2001 VOSS show, which was set in a
psychiatric ward.

Alexander McQueen

British fashion designer Alexander McQueen was well known for his collections at both his eponymous label and Givenchy. The late Alexander McQueen was known for designs that pushed the fashion world into a more artistic direction, when mixing sculptural and avant-garde influences into fashion collections was still relatively new. McQueen’s talent would eventually go on to be recognized by Queen Elisabeth II, presenting the designer with the CBE honor.

Marc Jacobs

The age-old adage that you can tell when a male designer loves women is particularly true when looking at the designs of Marc Jacobs. He embraces the feminine spirit with delicate details and fun colors while maintaining a level of everyday practicality as evidenced in his ready-to-wear collections. In 2010 he was ranked by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in America and in 2012 was placed at #14 by Out magazine as one of the ‘50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.’


Michael Kors

Michael Kors changed the structure and game of luxury by creating a label that was very accessible to the everyday consumer, creating American sportswear with a luxury patina. Despite the brand’s mission being different from most within the American luxury platform, Kors has received applause from the fashion industry as he expands his collections to include accessories and swimwear. The brand’s ‘pre-loved’ collection would also go on to spark talks about sustainability within the industry.

LaQuan Smith

If you’re aware of the New York fashion scene and adore detailed designs with vibrant colors, then you know about or become familiar with LaQuan Smith. The African American designer has been taking the fashion scene by storm as of late and was featured in Hype Bae’s 2022 list of emerging LGBTQ designers. Keep your eyes peeled for more!

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