Editors’ Pick: The Activated Shirt

Just as the fashion market is crowded with brands directed toward female consumers, the same can be said for the menswear market. That said, you may ask yourself, “does the menswear market need another men’s fashion brand”?

Well, that depends. If you are in the market for what is already in the market, the answer is a resounding NO!! However, if you are in the market for something innovative and accessible, there is room in the menswear market for one such menswear brand.

The Activated Shirt is one such new menswear brand that male consumers should be paying attention to. Launched earlier this year, Joseph Curran wanted to create a fashionable shirt that would appeal to that athletic guy who likes to dress up without the stuffiness and stiffness of some of the dressy shirts currently on the market. “When you put on my shirt you feel: Confident, Sexy, Active … in other words, you are activated. You are suddenly ignited, bold, and aroused,” explained Joseph Curran. “The shirt would appeal to men who are 23 years of age and up; men who workout and are fit; men who are concerned about their appearance, and have a sense of flair and style.”

Hmm, so you say, you’ve heard this before. And when these active shirts hit the market, they are the same fare as other similar shirts on the market. Well, that may have been your experience in this past. But, this time around, you are wrong!!

“The Activated Shirt differs in look and style in comparison to the companies who are making a similar concept of ‘dressy stretch fit wear’ that looks more like your conventional dress shirt that is tucked in and with the traditional collar,” explains Curran. 

“At the moment I want to change the perception of the dress shirt and its limitations when it comes to wear and look. I designed The Activated Shirt because I felt that a regular type of dress shirt doesn’t hold up and gets wrinkled easily and shows badly when you start to sweat … I wanted my shirt to look sporty and elegant without looking too dressy. It’s about the ‘flow’ and being different by changing the perception of what a dress shirt should look and feel.”

 My shirt’s collars are comprised of a sporty, athleisure style and the buttons are snaps and worn untucked. The fabric varies from nylon stretch to sustainable, recycled material,” details Curran.

And though this Joseph Curran first foray into the fashion industry, he is no stranger to the specialty retail market. “I dabbled in home decor some years back in New York City and in Argentina. I specialized in rugs and selective furnishings made from animal skins. The skins were dyed in funky colors such as fuchsia, deep purple, lavender mandarin orange,” explained Curran.

“When I started this concept of the Activated Shirt, I had just arrived from living abroad for a decade in West Africa, all over Europe and South America. After my stint with home décor, I felt I wanted to work on a new idea, and I was looking for a sporty dress shirt that I can wear casually that looked good.  I went to department stores, and I did not find what I was looking for.  So, that’s when I came up with the idea or concept to create such a shirt and a brand.

Images courtesy of The Activated Shirt

At an affordable price of $139 to $179, The Activated Shirt comes in neutral colors and is gender neutral. “The Activated Shirt was designed as a unisex shirt that appeals to men and women This is an all-inclusive shirt. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are “people are people.” It’s about sex appeal,” concedes Curran.

For more information about The Activated Shirt, go to www.theactivatedshirt.com

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