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With summer just around the corner, it’s time to pick up a few new pairs of sunglasses to kick off your summer fun. 2024 is the year of artificial intelligence (AI) and it makes sense that futuristic glasses and technology are dominating sunglass fashions.

For the past 2 years, AI has been the center of conversations at almost every aspect of our lives. AI is about futurism and sunglass maker, Ray-Ban is leading the charge with their Meta Smart Glasses. The company’s iconic Wayfarer design was the first one to debut the technology in a collection called Stories Smart Glasses. The company continues to develop their offerings that incorporate some of the other trends listed below.

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Other takes on futurism include brightly colored lenses, slate gray lenses in exaggeratedly angular frames, wire rims with geometric lenses, and the modern cat eye in pretty pastels, At the other end of the spectrum is the return of Hollywood vintage glam. Richerette’s capsule collection. Richerette x Jamesyinla, has a pair that boast retro embellishments that the bright red frames. The ultimate style statement however may be Etnia Barcelona’s 24 karat frames, for those who want to make a big statement.

Read on for the top six trending sunglasses styles for summer 2024. Fashion Reverie breaks down for your summer sunglass shopping.


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Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Ray-Ban’s parent company, Luxottica, took notice of the world’s obsession with AI and created Meta Smart Glasses to satisfy the thirst for all things AI. The gamble paid off, an updated version of the ever-popular black Wayfarer frame with graphite lenses is flying off the shelf, according to a sunglass specialist in a Luxottica Target boutique near Washington, DC.

The Ray Ban Meta smart glasses have a tiny camera, Bluetooth speakers, and an AI assistant built in that is summoned by saying, “Hey Meta,” In fact, these glasses do away with the need for air pods.  The glasses have 32 gigs of storage to take photographs with as well as the capability to record videos up to 60 seconds long.  The technology is surprisingly inexpensive as the Meta glasses ring in at $329, not much more than a pair of traditional Ray-Bans.

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Bold, Futuristic Design and Slate Gray Lenses $520

The Prada “Symbole” is a bold twist on the classic wraparound and is at the top of many fashionistas’ shopping lists for summer 2024. The prominent ad campaign in every Sunglass Hut boutique certainly has helped to fuel the craze for these black plastic geometric shades. The Symbole is also available in a more transparent slate gray that gives it an interesting alien-like edge.

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 Serengeti, an American luxury eyewear brand uses proprietary 3-in-1 lens technology for all their glasses. Their answer to this trend is the Nicholson ($380), a shiny crystal taupe grey frame with mineral 555 nm grey base lens. The Nicholson has a sleek rectangular sunglasses shape, chamfered edges, and bevels on the front and is both stylish and comfortable.


The Modern Cat Eye in Pretty Pastels

It’s an undeniable fact that celebrities often lead the trends we want to try out after we’ve seen them on the red carpet. Top marks go to ‘Badass’ actress/model, Fiffany Luu at the 2024 Met Gala for accessorizing her barely-there costume with oversized lavender cat eye frames. While the frames were interesting, perhaps she’ll wear them all on their own next time instead of attached to a matching halter top. 

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Ray-Ban is also tapping into this trend with their latest Meta sunglasses, the RW4010 Ray-Ban | Meta Skyler ($299). The chalky gray cat eye frames feature an unexpected cinnamon color, an unusual combination, but it works!


Wire Aviators with Unexpected Geometric Lenses

The *SOJOS store on www.amazon.com has a hit on their hands with their ($15.99) Retro Oversized Square Polarized Sunglasses. The large metal sunglasses are UV400 and have unisex appeal and a playful futuristic edge, all for a very nice price. These funky shades are a clever spin on the classic tear drop wire rim sunglasses popularized by Korean War fighter pilots.

Serengeti’s silver Haywood ($380) model is also a welcome alternative to the usual gold aviator frames. The Haywood also incorporates rose colored lenses, another big trend this summer,

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Paint It Pink … or Red for Lenses OR Frames

Pink and red sunglasses are a major trend that makes quite the statement, especially when worn with an all-white summer wardrobe. Surprisingly these popped up at Luxottica’s Oakley brand, typically a go-to for active types and a big favorite with golfers for their high-quality polarized lenses. The Oakley 0009102 model ($379) is a matte black squared off plastic frame available in rose (prizm dark golf) or ruby red (prizm ruby) lenses.

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Another pair to consider is the ($65) Monochrome Round from Stoggles. Both the frames and lenses are the color of rose wine. All Stoggles are made with their signature LucidLens™. The lens is lightweight, shatter-proof, blue-light blocking, and sealed under the world’s best fog protection. 

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Over the Top Embellishments and the Return of Vintage Hollywood

Vintage frames tend to have kitschy detailing or none whatsoever. As to the former, famed club kid fashion designer, Richie Rich and Influencer and model, Jay Murray, Murray recently collaborated with Rich to create a capsule collection, Richerette x Jamesyinla.

Thirteen hand-made custom styles from the capsule collection debuted on TikTok on April 25th.  Special touches include the duo’s signatures on the upper corner of the right lens and inside of the arm. Richie and James said that they drew their inspiration from Malibu parties in the Hollywood Hills and Barbie. Keep close watch on James’s TikTok, @Jaymurrrayofficial for more drops to come.

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There’s always the classic vintage Hollywood glam route to take. It’s been fabulous since the sixties when Elizabeth Taylor popularized all-black frames to hide from the press. Most recently, these movie star frames glamorized Meryl Streep’s Michael Kors Collection white pant suit when she walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film festival accessorized by a pair of opaque Prada black 52mm Butterfly sunglasses ($499) to receive her Palme d’Or Award.


While sunglasses are certainly practical, they are also the easiest way to change your look in seconds, by simply slipping on a different pair on, depending on the statement you want to make that day. Have fun considering how each can adapt these diverse styles to different facets of your life, from sporty practical to beach/pool to a pair that is super stylish.

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