Evan Hirsch Fall 2024

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) has always been a fertile ground for emerging designers. And though the New York fashion market is over saturated, there is always room for new talent. Evan Hirsch is one such fashion designer.

For his fall 2024 collection Hirsch was inspired by the Last Epoch by Eleventh Hour Games, where the transformative odyssey of its character ignites his imagination. In this collection Hirsch intertwines his passion for transformative designers with fantastical realms.

This collection references Rogue weaponry found in Eleventh Hour Games, as well as quilted brocade designs accessorized with sumptuous fur stoles.  And the medieval aesthetic of this fall 2024 outing aptly matches battle reference in Eleventh Hour games.

If there was one drawback to this collection is Hirsch’s literal interpretation of references from Eleventh Hour Games. The literal interpretations didn’t always easily translate to garments that are consumer friendly.

Hirsch also employed reveals in several of the garments in this collection. This was an interesting concept, kind of a two-in-one presentation. Sometimes this effect worked, other times it was not so successful. Still, Evan Hirsch is formulating his brand DNA, and at this this stage, this is the time to find out what works and what doesn’t work so well.

Images courtesy of VERY New York

Standout garments in tis fall 2024 collection include the laser cut leather top and fur skirt, knit dress with fur and branch vest, silk black to wine gradient mermaid dress, and transforming cape with hood to black gradient gown.

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