Men’s 2023 Fall Fragrance Roundup

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Autumn could arguably be considered the best season when it comes to fragrances. While summer tries its best to give us scents that smell like the beach, nothing beats the smell of wood, pine, fire, and other natural scents that surround us. Sure, people are tying up their boats and putting their beach equipment in storage units to prepare for the cold months ahead. But men still naturally love being outdoors, indulging in nature and whatnot. And their fragrance can reflect that.

Fashion Reverie wanted to factor in what most men care about when selecting a fragrance for themselves—the scent itself as it pertains to the season while smelling your absolute best. Say goodbye to those musky bottles of Axe and exchange those fragrances for a scent that focuses on a season rooted in natural elements. 

This roundup of men’s fragrances contains new and current scents, which should help put you ahead of the curve when it comes to standing out this season. There is truly no exact formula when it comes to finding the best cologne. However, it’s important to understand the classification notes that make up a scent.

From luxury scent leaders like Viktor & Rolf and Maison Margiela to artisan perfumers like Jean-Claude Ellena, D.S. & Durga, and Chris Collins, Fashion Reverie has you covered. It’s time to say goodbye to those dreadful days of figuring out the ideal cologne and take a dive into our top selections.

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Jean-Claude Ellena Heaven Can Wait

Created by the iconic Jean-Claude Ellena, this newly launched cologne is meant to be memorable in every way. Given the notes of floral iris, pepper, and clove, it is meant to give any man the feeling of a tender embrace. The earthy tones make it perfect for the season, as they suggest both warmth and intimacy. As the title suggests, Heaven Can Wait is about understanding the elegance of appreciating the balance between life, love, and loss.

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Chris Collins Autumn Rhythm

This fragrance was created from a moment of pure exhilaration when Collins himself was on a motorcycle cruising through the vibrant colors of a blissful fall day. The notes of spices, leather, and cedar wood serve to capture the feeling of that ride, where he experienced an open road and was enriched with aromatic experiences of leaves and other fall foliage.

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D.S. & Durga Deep Dark Vanilla

The long-lasting, rich, and smoky vanilla used in this newly launched 2023 cologne blends beautifully with the fragrance’s other notes, without making it polarizing to the nose of the consumer. Balancing well with notes of herbal and floral, it’s a smell that is entirely sophisticated and made for someone ready to enjoy the good times that come with the coziness of autumn.

Deep Dark Vanilla isn’t a perfume that’s too sweet; rather, it emits a scent that’s reminiscent of the woods and smoke. Relax with this cologne that is designed to bring a soothing and heartening feeling to anyone who gets their hands on it.

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Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club

This is unquestionably the pinnacle essence for a guy who wants to enjoy a cozy atmosphere bundled up in a cabin as leaves slowly float to the ground. It has a truly warm and deep scent, which will make you stand out. And if you are a fan of smoky and spicy fragrances, this cologne is for you. It stays within a normal range where you get a pleasantly bearable smoky and oaky finish. Combined with spicy vanilla and waves of tobacco, this is an instant hit.

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Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Extreme 

Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb Extreme is a fiery take on—as well as an homage to—the quintessential original Spicebomb cologne, which was first launched in 2015. Created by perfumers Carlos Benaim and Jean-Christophe Hérault, this fragrance is a longer-lasting and deeper scent when it comes to spice. It is enhanced by a combination of aromatic lavender mixed with pepper and saffron that truly entices any individual’s senses. Notes of tobacco and bourbon fuse together with warm vanilla to create a lingering essence that will make anyone stand out this fall season.

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—Ryan Salfino

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