Gita Omri Spring 2024

Held in the Wonderland installation building on Fifth Avenue, anyone attending Gita Omri’s Spring 2024 show could quickly see that you were about to swallow a potion and enter a dreamscape. The runway itself twisted through multiple rooms–each room decorated like a child’s dreams. From a life-size chess board to a garden party that looks like it was inspired by the Mad Hatter’s tea, the setting was the perfect place for the show.

The show itself ran smoothly, each model coming out at the right time and focused on presenting the clothes. And if you know New York Fashion Week (NYFW), you know what a feat that can be! But you’re not here to read about the execution of the event or the building it was in, no, like anyone else that opens an article about a runway show, you’re here for the review.

The 24 garments were designed twice to create a size-inclusive collection. This is the primary focus of many of Omri’s designs. “Size and numbers are something that women get so caught up in and can end up basing their self-worth on, which really bothers me. Size tags should just be a tool to find the right fit for you.” Omri explained after the show.

To avoid this, the garments all contain removable size tags that can be taken off after you’ve found what fits your body best. This brilliant idea does highlight how important size-inclusivity is for the brand, so much so that at times the clothes almost seemed to fit the plus-sized model better than the garment that fit into industry standards. This wasn’t always the case, the ponte-knit style pants and classic boatneck blouses have the potential to become a staple for women of every size. Other than those looks, some of the fabrics used seemed to take the childhood fantasy a bit too seriously. The double-layer dresses that opened the show were items that you could see a young woman in her twenties easily gravitating towards, but later in the show when the same design was produced with color-blocking details in a shimmering, sequined fabric you were reminded of the dresses you might see in a kindergarten classroom.

Part of this is kitchy-ness of Gita Omri, with the bright colors almost akin to Lily Pulitzer. The information sheet for the show included a quote from “Bridgerton’s” Queen Charlotte and when speaking with Omri after the show there was more insight on the romantic influence of the collection. Many of the pieces were inspired by her own marriage, how love builds, develops, and changes over time.

Images courtesy of VERY New York

This romantic aesthetic of the collection was demonstrated with the colors, cuts, and details shown in many of the garments. The bright colors and whimsical details are a signature stamp of the brand. As you get pulled into the colorful and whimsical world of Gita Omri, remember to stay grounded in your love for yourself and others.

—Sydney Yeager


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