Fall 2023 Trends

As we are solidly into the fall season, old trends are back with fresh new twists. Autumn staples are receiving updates and designers are pushing the boundaries of old classics. They are leaving the staid fall color pallets behind embracing the saturated versions like Fiery Red.

Images courtesy of Citizens of Humanity and Levi’s

Resurgence of Denim

This fall denim is back once again and more popular than ever, appearing in new experimental ways. Not only will you find denim in its traditional form as jeans, but many brands and designers are using denim in a nontraditional sense. Long skirts, oversized jeans, cargo jeans and overshirts are just some of the denim pieces that are popular this season. Classic jeans are also getting an update which is exemplified with Emma Chamberlin’s collab with Levi’s harkening back to the 90’s when patches were commonly found. This fresh update also pays homage to the current trend of Thrift flips as well, where people are updating old jeans with creative patches of other used clothing.

The Skinny Jean resurgence is not happening this fall, Designers are continuing to offer more straight leg and even oversized jeans as well as releasing runway-inspired shapes such as the Horseshoe Jeans by Citizens of Humanity. Full denim looks are back again, now with new interpretations such as pairing tops with denim bottoms in the same or similar wash and embracing the super baggy fit. This fall we will be seeing denim used not only as a staple but also as statement pieces.  

Images courtesy of Annakiki and Banana Republic

Big Shoulders

Big shoulders were seen repeatedly on the fall 2023 runway, embracing a trend that developed alongside the women’s movement. This fall designers are challenging the idea that broad shoulders are not feminine. Annakiki translated this trend into big puffy shoulders as part of a long sleeve houndstooth mini dress. Another designer that utilized this trend was Luar, who created a full-length dress in the style of a double-breasted coat with strong statement shoulders. Many mass market brands have been inspired to bring back boxy padded shoulders, such as Banana Republic as with a specific top are embracing the sharp and clean shoulder silhouettes of this fall. This trend is very in line with the wave of more androgynous clothing that challenges gender stereotypes.

Images courtesy of Fendi and Chanel

Dresses and Skirts over Pants

The 2000’s fashion trend resurgence continues with the return of a trend that continues to be controversial. Layering skirts and dresses over pants were often a more juvenile look in the early 2000s, this trend is now back with a mature transformation. Instead of the youthful mixing and matching of patterns, you will now see this layering done within the same color or in matching tones.

Fendi and Chanel are just two of the fashion brands who have contributed to this resurgence. This look is more versatile than ever, even being translated into athleisure wear by pairing the look with tennis shoes or making it office appropriate by throwing a pleated skirt over a traditional suit for a fun feminine touch. Monochromatic pieces are a great way to get into this trend for a sleek yet fashionable update on the normal fall outfit. For those who are feeling brave, feel free to mix textiles and silhouettes like combining a flowy skirt with a structured pair of pants.

Image courtesy of Fendi

Elevated Trench Coats

Another classic trend that is making a comeback with a twist is the trench coat. Designers are taking this piece and giving it show stopping upgrades such as Fendi’s Sparkly trench coat or experimenting with asymmetrical hems. The popularity and reinvention of the trench coat also goes hand in hand with the emergence of business casual being brought to the mainstream market. Brands love the statement trench coat. You will be able to find them in all shapes, textures, and patterns this fall.

Images courtesy of Ferragamo and Tory Burch

Fiery Red Color Tones

Goodbye Barbie Pink and Hello Fiery Red. This fall there is a new statement color in town. Designers and brands alike are embracing this bold color that is likened to fashion’s favorite accessory, a bold red lip. No more muted tones like Ox-Blood from fall season past, this fall brighter, and bolder tones will be the trend. Ferragamo and Tory Burch are some of the brands that are showing the versatility of this new IT color. Its versatility can be demonstrated in it being found anywhere from shoes and accessories to coats and even recycled leather pants like the ones from Agolde.

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