Editors’ Essentials for New York Fashion Week Spring 2024 Season

With New York Fashion Week (NYFW) spring 2024 season approaching, Fashion Reverie is providing a roundup of the perfect list of essentials fashion editors and industry professionals will need to stay bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Remember you must look good for those fashion after parties and Instagram photos!!

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Portable charger [Anker powercore  $25]

For all the days when will be attending fashion shows and events, it’s best to have a portable charger to keep your phone up to charge. With Anker Powercore, it’s small enough to fit in your hand and has high-speed charging tech for all phones.

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Water bottle [VOSS; 24-pack water bottles $37]

When going on long-distance walking, staying hydrated is essential for the day.  Remember, NYFW is very hectic, and you will be sprinting from one show to the next all day for six days. That’s why you shouldn’t just get any water, but the best water. Pure artisan sourced and enriched with tons of minerals and electrolytes, VOSS will keep you hydrated and feeling your best.

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Metro pass [weekly pass $34]

In a city like New York where fashion is bustling everywhere, a weekly metro pass is essential for getting you around the city in no time! And it’s far less expensive than Ubering from show to show.

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Leather bag [Grams28 154 City Pack $299]

You’ll need a bag to keep all your essentials. That’s why Grams28 is the best at providing stylish bags to keep your hands free and your pockets light.

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Shades [Maniere De Voire CORSICA SUNGLASSES $48]

Maniere De Voire, meaning “A way of seeing,” provides the best shades for sight.  Unisex sunglasses that are stylish for anyone to wear, Maniere De Voire will have you blocking out the sun with opulence.

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Snack bar [Nature Valley; 6-pack $3]

In need of a quick snack small enough to fit your travel needs? Nature Valley is the perfect and healthy pick to keep you going throughout the day. Packed with the perfect balance of savory sweetness and flavorful nuts, this snack makes the best on-the-go treat you can bring along on your adventures during NYFW.

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Under eye cream [CeraVe $15]

It can look rough when waking up and getting ready for the day. CeraVa comes in clutch with handling dark circles and puffiness around the eye to keep you looking and feeling your best. Perfect for all skin types, and restoring the skin barrier, CeraVa is what you need for NYFW.

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Airborne tablets [Vitamin C; 64 tablets $14]

When traveling, you can be too busy to take in your morning essentials to keep your health at its best throughout the day. That’s where Airborne comes in, providing the best vitamin C in a tablet you can find for quick consumption before you head out.

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