Editors’ Pick: Laffite Automobili Unveil New Hypercars at Miami Grand Prix

Laffite LM1

Laffite Automobili is quickly preparing for a new era in the world of hypercars, a class of superior automobiles that is considered the most high-performance cars in the world. On May 3, the startup company will use the setting of the 2023 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, Florida to unveil five electric hypercars.

There are currently three distinct models available, namely the Atrax, LM1, and Barchetta, while the other two are evolutions. The Atrax model has two different versions, the Atrax Stradale, which is a luxury SUV, and the Atrax Extreme. The Barchetta will also be available in a Barchetta coupe model. These vehicles come equipped with distinct features and specifications, designed to meet the desired preferences of customers. The electric technology behind these newly unveiled hypercars will help revolutionize the entire automotive industry.

Based in Torino, Italy, Laffite Automobili was founded and helmed by Bruno Laffite, the grandson of French Formula 1 driver Jacques Laffite. Jacques competed in F1 from 1974 to 1986 and earned six Grand Prix wins while driving for the Ligier team. Bruno Laffite regularly distinguished himself as a professional driver. Between 1990 and 2000, he ranked among the top ten drivers of his generation and participated in over one hundred races.

In recent years, his company obtained road approval in California for two hypercars inspired by “rally-raid” (stock or modified cars for long-distance, off-road racing) and “sport prototype” (highest-level racing categories) races.

“My dream has always been to see race cars on the road,” Bruno Laffite said. “It has never left me since I was a child and has even increased throughout my life. After almost ten years of research, work and development, I created Laffite Automobili and gathered around me one of the best teams in the world to give substance to my ambition.”

Laffite Barchetta

By working with patience and dedication, Bruno has been able to help solidify what is necessary for a successful brand to grow. Laffite Automobili has advocated strongly for his choices when it comes to creating a bond between luxury and technology. Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro are the two creatives behind GFG Style, an independent style center that recognized how special this Laffite Automobili hypercar project could be.

With the help of L.M. Gianetti, a renowned Torino-based engineering and automobile manufacturing company, Laffite Automobili had all the key pieces they needed to make history in the world of luxury automobiles.  Founded in 1966, Gianetti has quickly become known as the Piedmont-based company that is built an international reputation by collaborating with the top automotive designers and official racings teams in F1, WRC (World Rally Championship) and GT (Grand Touring) championships.

For starters, the new Italian manufacturer simultaneously created three hypercars; something that had not been done before. Laffite Automobili, GFG Style and L.M. Gianetti worked together to create a stunning class of electric automobiles. Take, for example, the Laffite LM1. Sure, it comes with an astonishing $2.4 million-dollar price tag, but for that you get a car that goes from 0 to 62 mph in less than two seconds (1.98 seconds to be exact). It has a maximum speed of 217 mph, and the car is fully electric. On a single charge, this hypercar can explore the roadways for 255 miles. And when it is time to charge, you need to only set aside 20 minutes to fully reboot your battery.

Images courtesy of Laffite Automobili

Each Laffite Automobili model features the best in aesthetics, elegance, and excellence. Not only that, their groundbreaking technology specifications and breathtaking luxury design makes each vehicle accessible to all types of drivers. Exceptional style, performance, and fine-tuned handling that were previously only accessible on the raceway are now available in a street-legal package that looks like visual artistry.

More information on all the models, go to www.laffite.com.

—Ryan Salfino

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