Kevan Hall Fall 2023

It is not common for an established fashion brand/designer to continuously evolve their style. In other words, what you see is usually what you always get.

Not the case with Kevan Hall. Though he has had a consistent presence in the fashion industry for over three decades, Hall continues to evolve and expand his fashion aesthetic. And his fall 2023 collection proves just that.


Inspired by the statement “Diamonds Are Forever,” sung by the iconic Shirley Bassey and theme song for the James Bond film of the same name, Kevan Hall demonstrated brilliantly how harkening back to an earlier era does not have to waterlog a fashion collection in an era long gone. Though this collection, entitled “Faceted,” is front, middle, and back heavy with familiar design silhouettes from the 1950s and 1960s, Hall elevated this otherwise vintage collection with some interesting modern elements. And voila you have a collection that modern consumers will flock to.

Playing off of the diamond or gemstone theme, Hall’s gemstone palette runs the aural spectrum from emerald and sapphire, to ruby and amethyst, each used to offer a sharp contrast to the buttery soft crepes and luxurious plush of Hall’s rich, deep velvets. Hall achieves a prismatic effect on many fabrics by using crystalline structured materials that refract light into a spectacular colorful treat for the eyes. Gold embellished tweeds give a continental nod to Parisian classics, while the high gloss metal accents lend a modern sleekness that grounds the two aesthetics definitively in the here and now. 

The gemstone theme has been used many times before; however, Hall’s fashion perspective on gemstones is unique in that Hall has chosen to employ this theme just as we have moved out the COVID-19 pandemic and consumers are primed and ready to go about their normal life routines which includes dressing well again and experiencing urban night life. That said, Hall dresses his customer at every jointure of her day from the brand’s metallic tweeds to a prism pantsuit, and a stripped amethyst jumpsuit. Still, this collection was more about colorful nightlife garments.

Standout looks in this collection include, but are not limited to, the collection’s stripped amethyst jumpsuit, winter white tweed bubble coat, turtleneck racer mini dress with rose jacquard taffeta bubble, onyx diamante mock vest tuxedo and diamante tap short, royal floral guipure lace mice with long sleeves, and stripped amethyst off-the-shoulder ballerina dress.

With so many fashion designers of Kevan Hall’s caliber no longer presenting at New York Fashion Week (NYFW), Hall’s fashion shows have become one of the go-to fashion events during NYFW. with attendees including the fashion intelligentsia of the New York fashion scene. And Kevan Hall deserves all the praise and accolades worthy of a designer of his acumen and talent.

Images courtesy of VERY New York PR

Hall’s fall 2023 collection proves that collections free of gimmicks and tricks will stand the test of time; modern consumers are not fooled. Fashion sensibilities and craft will always be the ultimate winners.

—William S. Gooch

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