Your Favorite Celebrities’ Favorite Winter Vacation Spots

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January is literally slipping away, and many are wondering where to travel this year, particularly if you live on the East Coast where temperatures are frigid. We are all sort of used to having to COVID test, take precautions, and check COVID-19 rules updates as well as new variants. Still, but many consumers have decided to deal with all the inconsistencies of our current existence and just a live “normal” life. That includes vacations!  Have that passport ready?  Fashion Reverie has great destination suggestions inspired by our favorite celebrities.

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Now we had to kick off this list with a destination of a celebrity couple that everyone has their eyes on. Pete Davison and Kim Kardashian started off 2022 in the Bahamas. Now they are probably looking for something a little more secluded; however, in this beautiful paradise, there are so many options. You can choose to have an activities-filled experience or just enjoy the gorgeous weather and the beach. Either way it is an amazing location unless you get invited to the Fyre Festival. In that case, we insist you decline that invite. 

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Lisbon, Portugal 

This is a place ideal for any time of the year. Though it is in Europe, there is an exotic flair to Lisbon. There are mild temperatures, happy welcoming locals, delicious foods, and Fado.  So much to explore and you just might run into Cristiano Ronaldo or his look alike! 

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Dubai, UAE

Dubai has been such a popular destination and super accessible. So, we see lots of celebrities popping in and out, flying to Dubai even for just an event, a fashion show or Dubai Expo. Known for its luxurious standards you can run into almost any celebrity or even a royal. Now the tip here is if your pockets are deep enough, you will feel like a royal in Dubai.

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Vienna, Austria

Shaped by residents like Mozart, Beethoven, and Sigmund Freud, Vienna is known for its Imperial palaces. Just being the Imperial City with the baroque architecture, you will feel elevated and simply enriched. Now if you have a sweet tooth there is lots to explore when it comes to traditional Sacher torte and famous Viennese cafes.  You might see Christoph Walz, Kim Kardashian, and Daniel Craig.

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Mykonos, Greece 

Greece has always been on the radar of many celebrities, especially if you can remember Lindsey Lohan’s dance on the island of Mykonos. She even had a Beach Club there that has since closed. This island is known for its great service, knowing how to handle their guests’ privacy and best summer parties. 

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Maui, Hawaii

Hawaii is often included in people’s lifetime bucket list. This is not a surprise given the island’s gorgeous flora and fauna and even one of the US President’s birthplace. Maui seems to be most popular though and is frequently visited by the famous. Some even own properties on the island—Oprah Winfrey, Willie Nelson, Owen Nelson, and Jennifer Lopez. Is it time to check it off Hawaii from your list of places to visit in 2022?  To do it!!

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Miami, Florida

Miami is a place crawling with celebrities at any time of the year. Miami is easily accessible to those who live in the US and is easily reached from other countries. Miami is perfect for a “metropolitan” vacation experience. After all, half of New York City moves to Miami in the winter time’s blistery weather in the Northeast and Midwest. Now if you are not a party goer and prefer quiet vacation you might look into staying closer to Star Island. Ideal for spotting celebrities—Snoop Dog, Cardi B, Kanye West, Miley Cyrus, Pete Davidson, and Julia Fox. 

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