Cult of Individuality Demonstrate Their Love of Music in a Hard and Soft Rock n’ Roll Aesthetic

Although it’s not quite true, it feels like we are in a post-COVID-19 pandemic period. Lots of businesses in the US have completed their reopening processes and if you are doubly vaccinated you can go without your mask outside. As we appear to be rounding the corners of lockdowns and self-quarantines, most folks are ready to celebrate life and get their party started, even if the bank account is a little low and financial resources ae not what they used to be.

Since 2009, Cult of Individuality has represented that consumer that makes his mark on his own terms when it comes to fashion. Never waiting for general approval by fashion elites, Cult of Individuality builds on its unique set of standards which stems from the brand’s love affair with music. “Sometimes it’s more based in punk, more based in rap, or rock … it’s what we are feeling.  “Our sense of the times then makes its way onto the clothes through the cuts, colors and graphics with the result being the collection we show,” says Ron Poisson, Cult of Individuality’s creative director. And it is primarily for their obsessive love of music that Fashion Reverie has decided to highlight this menswear brand.

Cult of Individuality uses denim as its primary fabric; however, unlike other denim brands, Cult of Individuality always find something innovative and fresh to bring to its consumer base. The brand borrows from the old uses of denim and injects fresh ideas, interesting design silhouettes, and crafting techniques which not only satisfies the ever-changing tastes and palettes of its loyal fans but excites and entices new consumers into its tribe.

In an ode to the brand name, Cult of Individuality is all about creating garments that aligns with the individual taste and personal style of their consumer base, in other words, a cult of individual style. “There’s a DIY aspect to our collection as well.  It’s a street meets [Rock n’ Roll] vibe that never, ever looks mass produced.  It’s a balancing act that we feel reads at authentic.  Authenticity is very important to us,” explains Ron Poisson.

And the Cult of Individuality’s tribe is aptly served in the brand’s fall 2021 collection. You may ask yourself why comment about a fall 2021 collection during the summer? Ron Poisson explains that Cult of Individuality is driven more by inspiration and design aesthetics than seasonal outputs. Each collection contains garments that are trans-seasonal and work well at any time of the year.

For the current collection, Cult of Individuality was obviously inspired by Rock n’ Roll, and a more casual approach to rocker fashion with an injection of edge and modernity.  And that edge and innovation comes to the fore with interesting combinations of embellishments and unusual pairings.

When speaking of their music inspiration, Poisson comments on that fact that the brand attempts to tie in their collections into the current music culture. This concept is well evidenced in the current collection with moto leather jackets with metal epaulets, denim jackets embellished with plaid accents, plaid shirts that give a nod to genderless slacker and skateboard grunge culture, as well as rock n’ roll biker culture. And though these expressions of rock n’ roll and grunge have been done before, Cult of Individuality adds interesting touches and new embellishments that elevated this collection from a homage to vintage looks to something that can be embraced by younger consumers and their dedicated base.

Images courtesy of Cult of Individuality

Now that so many COVID-19 restrictions are down, Fashion Reverie cannot wait to see what comes next from Cult of Individuality. And we are confident that upcoming collections will excite fashion pulses and keep us wanting more!!


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