For Beautiisoles, It Took Two to Make the Brand Right


It takes two, it takes two, me & you
It takes two to make a thing go right
It takes two to make it out of sight — Seduction

If you are a late 80s pop music fan—like I am—you probably remember Seduction’s hit pop music single “It Takes Two.”  And if you are not old enough to remember “It Takes Two,” you will probably agree that two heads are better than one.

Two heads are better than one and that applies to the burgeoning shoe brand Beautiisoles. Born out of Robyn Shreiber’s need for comfortable shoes and Daniella Clarke’s fashion acumen, Beautisoles is for that consumer that wants fashion-forward, comfortable shoes at a price that won’t break the bank. “I came up with the initial idea for Beautiisoles because of a foot surgery I had just had. That put me on a mission to create a beautiful line of shoes that was both comfortable and stylish,” explained Robyn Shreiber.

Though Daniella Clarke and Robyn Shreiber have known it each for 20 years and lived on the same street, they had never worked together or collaborated. Shreiber works as an executive with a snacks food manufacturer and Clarke is a fashion disruptor who founded the brand Frankie B.

What came out of the partnership is Beautiisoles, a luxury shoe brand that emphasizes comfort and fashion-forward sensibility. (The double i in the brand name represents two concepts, style, and comfort, and that these two concepts can be compatible bedfellows.)

You may ask yourself, does the market need another luxury shoe brand, particularly post-pandemic? Clarke ingeniously answers that thought, “Every woman wants sexy, stylish shoes, but we also want comfort. This has been a battle for women who go out wearing these fashion-forward shoes … but their feet are hurting.”

And what makes these stylish shoes comfortable is their construction. “For our inaugural line, we concentrated on a wider toe box and, there is poron (memory antibacterial foam) in the sole. For some of our shoes there is a platform under the ball of the foot which is where some women experience pain. On most of our styles there is a cylindrical inch-width heel,” explains Shreiber.

Still, you may ask yourself, can comfortable shoes be fashion-forward? Absolutely. “If you look at our current collection, it is a compilation of things we loved from our first collection and taking those things like the leopard, and blush color palette to the next level. So, our spring 2021 collection is an extension of what we’ve done before, but better. Our booties and boots are equally, if not more striking, than our Roxy boot from our first collection,” details Shreiber.

And Beautiisoles clear-boot heel is a fan favorite.  Shreiber confirms, “the clear-boot heel was in the original collection and carried over to our current collection. Our Savannah Gold shoe is the most popular shoe in our collection. Our Roxy boot also does very well. The clear-boot heel was an idea that was brought to us by the manufacturer.”

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and only launching in 2018, Shreiber and Clarke have managed to keep Beautiisoles solvent. “Our online sales has helped to keep us solvent, as well as putting a lot of emphasis on our website. Social media has also been wonderful, helping us to stay connected to our consumer base,” explained Clarke.

Images courtesy of Beautiisoles

“We also have approached retailers very selectively. We haven’t tried to sell to the big retailers of big box stores yet. We are working mostly with small stores and retailers. It has been slow going because of the health pandemic; however, it is working.  We understand that small stores and retailers cannot buy a big inventory right now, but we have been willing to work with them wherever they are.”

Fashion-forward sensibility, style, comfort, and affordability seems like a win-win. The creative duo of Daniella Clarke and Robyn Shreiber are proving that two heads are better than one and things do go right when necessity and innovation meet.

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—William S. Gooch

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