PatBO Spring Bridal 2022

The sand basks in the glow of the sun as bright blue waves rush to shore to greet the lady in white. Her skirt mimics the seashells on the sandy floor, and it moves gracefully as the wind gently breezes by. The lady in white is adored by the sun, and it kisses her skin while she walks down the beach. The sun sets when she leaves and waits in anticipation for her to arrive again the next day. The colorful fish of the sea swim with vigor to be caught in the netted beach skirt that drapes elegantly from her hips, but the current keeps them back. It laps at her feet, beckoning her into the water. She shrugs off her crochet cover up and dives in, the embroidered pink and purple flowers mingling with the white sand. She wades into the refreshing water in her lace up one piece, and the sea sings.

Just as the sea meets the shore, fashion meets comfort in exquisite harmony in PatBO’s spring 2022 Bridal capsule collection. Pat Bonaldi, designer and creator of PatBO, hails from Brazil and her love of vibrant color along with rich embroidery is the signature DNA of her brand. This collection shows her skill for catching our attention and keeping it, even when using a stunning all white palette. Her fine stitching, hand embroidery, cutouts, and intricate details in a form-flattering fit are showcased in this fresh and airy, yet elegant collection.

PatBO brings a light, vibrant touch to an occasion as formal as a wedding and breathes new life into a time-honored tradition, seamlessly blending formal with casual and luxury. Bonaldi aims to “dress the PatBO customer for all of her life moments.” These visions in white can be donned for a playful honeymoon at the beach, then adorned with a crocheted puff sleeve dress for an evening dinner poolside.

This collection is resplendent with options to make the looks versatile, such as seashell hardware at the waist allowing for the attachment of a flowing skirt, and billowy capped sleeves with ties at the elbow to add a touch of romance. One pearl of the collection is a cotton fringed dress with diamond shaped cutouts to emphasize the waist. Crochet embroidery and delicate mesh sleeves counterbalance these cutouts to create a piece dedicated to perfect proportions and true craftsmanship.

Images courtesy of Savannah Engel PR

The cherry on this Caipirinha of a collection is the accent of intricate statement earrings by Ranjana Khan. Sunburst shaped earrings reflect dazzling light from the sunburst on the horizon. All seems right in this world. The capsule collection embodies a spirit of joy, elegance, and freedom.

—Tessa Swantek


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