In This Season of Change, Gary Quinn Sets Us on the Path to Success, Wellness, and Growth

Have you noticed that we are on the precipice of great change? We have a new administration in the White House, we are slowly getting a handle of the COVID-19 pandemic with more and more people getting vaccinated globally, the new $1.9 billion economic relief packaged has been signed into law and we are just a week away from the season of budding flowers and chirping birds.

All things appear to be looking up. Still, everything is coming up roses only if you can tap into positivity and this new great shift in consciousness.

Author and Motivational Speaker Gary Quinn spoke to Fashion Reverie about what it takes to live a life of joy, fulfillment, and positive change. This detailed and much-needed conversation fits perfectly into this season of change, if only we pay attention and apply some of these incredible, life-affirming principles.

Fashion Reverie: How did you get on this path to positive thinking and transition your approach to positive thinking into being a life coach, a motivational speaker, and author?

Gary Quinn: I started training for the Olympics when I was very young, and I was fortunate to have great coaches and all these opportunities. Like most kids, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do. From swimming I developed a great work ethic and I parlayed that work ethic into working in the entertainment industry.

I have done everything from writing situation comedies to working and representing actors, writers, and directors to being a music producer.  In other words, I have run the gamut of things you can do in the entertainment industry.

Jonelle Allen was one of my first celebrity clients and she recognized that I was very intuitive, and she prompted me to do something with this knack I have for seeing potential in people. I do have the ability to connect to a higher energy and the divine in people and help them connect or reconnect with that divine or higher frequency.

From recognizing that I had this gift, I started doing life coach work privately and from that I wrote my first book “The Yes Frequency.” This book launched a global 37-city book tour.

When I had written my first book, I was at a wellness conference and I met Dan Millman, I told Dan Millman how much admired his work and how his work had influenced and helped me. Millman took me to this crew that was interviewing him for some television show and tells the crew, “You need to interview this guy, also.” I never forgot that moment because that televised interview really helped my burgeoning career.

FR: In your life coaching, what do you teach your clients?

Gary Quinn: I teach people how to be the master of their mind and living their vision is not scary. I teach people how to activate their greatness. I teach how to work with the principles of grace, gratitude, opportunity, and knowing that every day we can do something great. My work is about rejuvenating your thought processes and your perspective on your own life.

FR: You have a book “Living in the Spiritual Zone: 10 Steps to Change Your Life and Discover Your Truth.” Quickly, name a few things people can do to facilitate change.

Gary Quinn: I start with having my clients make a list of all the stress and anger they have had in their life. You cannot upload any positive affirmations or positive change if you have not cleared the cupboards or the subconscious of all the anger and negativity that might be there.

As you right down those things that are negative or cause a lot of anger, if you need to forgive someone that has caused that hurt and anger, you should right a forgiveness letter to that individual, and read it out loud. (Often when clients do this, they began to cry which means they are beginning to release the toxins that came from living in a space of resentment.)

Then I instruct my clients to start to speak positive affirmations for 21 days. As you start to act on those affirmations, you will begin to see a shift in perspective and a shift in behavior. I also get my clients to make a mission statement of what they want their life in this new place of forgiveness and positivity.

FR: Why is making these list so important?

Gary Quinn: Making lists of what you want is very important, if you make a list, you probably will not forget and take your aspirations more seriously. From the list, you can identify events in your life where you felt diminished and felt disempowered and I can help you work through that. From these lists you can began to create the life that you want. It does take work and some research, but it is possible, if you are willing to do the work. It is about putting in  the work, doing the affirmation exercises, and restoring yourself daily.

FR: In this time of rejuvenation, a new presidential administration, and coming into a new season, what can people do rejuvenation their perspective and life?

Gary Quinn First, you should figure out if the career that you are in is the career that feeds your passion. If not, you need to change it. Secondly, you should access and look for things that will cause you to grow. You also need to monitor your diet because what you are eating affects your mood and your thought processes. During this time of activating the new you, changing your diet, exercising, positive affirmations, finding something that inspires your soul that is removed from your work life, and accessing new learning opportunities will put you the track to rejuvenating your life.

FR: We are slowing coming out of this terrible health pandemic. What positive things can people take away from being isolated, shutdown, and not experiencing life as we once knew it?

Gary Quinn: This health pandemic has caused many of us to look within, simply because some of the quarantining has slowed some of our daily activities. And because of this slowing down of our lives, we now have the time to closely examine our lives and look at the things that make us happy. This shutdown has been a great opportunity to focus on change. We all must be willing to accept change. To grow, embracing change is necessary.

This pandemic put us in front or ourselves, and we can look in the mirror and figure out what is not working. We should release what is not working and embrace change. You should also make a daily list of things that are working and things that make your feel good.

FR: Because of this health pandemic, we will be experiencing a new normal. What might this new normal look like?

Gary Quinn: Our new normal is about people looking within to take inventory of what does work. The new normal will be about more efficiency, and not wasting time.

People have been waiting for something to bring them happiness, and during this health pandemic experience, the new normal is about encouraging ourselves and others to use empowerment tools. The new normal is also be about honoring other people more because we are all connected. And this health pandemic dramatically demonstrated that.

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FR: We are now in Women’s History month. What can everyone learn from women?

Gary Quinn: Women are the power of the future and men need to get more into their feminine side to learn mindfulness and compassion, attributes that some women naturally have. Most women are very in touch with their emotions which gives them the ability to be more compassionate. Women can run this country and right now we need compassionate leaders.

Women have helped my career enormously. In fact, my book deals where orchestrated by women in positions of power.

FR: What’s next for you?

Gary Quinn: My next book, “Be Your Business Guru,” which is coming out in the fall, is about how business folks can find their own path to happiness and success in their business. This book will come out in Italy and the rest of Europe in the fall and be released in the US in 2022.

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