Negris LeBrum Fall 2021

One of the advantages of being a fashion editor is observing a fashion designer/brand evolve and grow over time. And though for the past two seasons New York Fashion Week (NYFW) and many global fashion weeks have adopted a virtual platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still opportunity to witness the growth of some fashion brands.

Negris LeBrum is one such brand. When I first attended Negris LeBrum’s runway shows during NYFW, I noticed that though the garments were well made, the brand was bogged down in parochialism with very little innovation or ingenuity. Don’t be mistaken, there is a market for those kinds of garments, but presenting a collection of garments that don’t grab your attention can be a wonk wonk moment during NYFW. That design aesthetic has now pivoted, in a good way.

Negris LeBrum creative director Travis Hamilton chose to film the video for his fall 2021 collection in his hometown of Houston, Texas, stage in a public park. Inspired by his Louisiana bayou roots, Hamilton sought to bring a New York City sophistication to the South.  “I wanted to bring a piece of NY Fashion Week to the South this season, as I may not get the opportunity to show outside of NYC again for some time. I really feel these times are right for my brand in so many ways. I have always worked in what I refer to as a ‘conservative sexy’ aesthetic, allowing the woman who wears my collection to define the final feeling of the ensemble. The heart and soul of the Negris LeBrum brand is and will always be Louisiana, but my studio and current home are in Houston, so bringing the two together for [fall] 2021 is like a fashionable homecoming for me,” explained Hamilton.

In bringing a Big Apple sophistication to a more laidback location, Hamilton did modify that design aesthetic to the southern consumer who may not be aggressively pounding the pavement or rushing from one appointment to the next. This fall 2021collection is for the woman who wants sophistication and style on her own terms. And this specific point of view embraces a design aesthetic that is more inclusive in terms of age demographic, size, and culture.

And in that respect, Travis Hamilton is doing something that reflects the changing tide in the fashion and retail industries. One thing that this health pandemic is teaching us is that there are valuable fashion markets beyond crowded urban cities. Hamilton is tapping in the that with this collection. Projecting that it possible to have great style and panache while living outside of a metropolis.

Standout looks in this collection include the faux leopard coat with thin black belt, sporty varsity sweater with polka dot blouse over tweed skirt, and grey wrap metallic jumpsuit with V-neck. And the faux black leather and faux leopard coat over black suit is to die for.

Images courtesy of VERY New York

Keep evolving and keep up the good work!!

William S. Gooch

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