Justin Alexander Signature Fall 2021

Is this a good time to be thinking about weddings? Some would argue that no serious considerations around nuptials should happen until after the presidential election or until there is a global vaccine for COVID-19. Others would contend that love transcends all situations and circumstances, and there is no perfect time to express love and commitment.

Whether you are waiting to have a serious conversation about your upcoming nuptials until happier days are here or you are braving the odds and putting your wedding plans in place now, there is no better bridal gown designer than Justin Alexander. And his fall 2021 collection demonstrates his unique perspective on what modern brides want to wear.

The Justin Alexander Signature fall 2021 collection is inspired by an imagined utopia, a world filled with hope and progression, represented through a series of bold, refreshing, contemporary bridal designs. The gowns have evolved from experimentations with unique textures, soft hues, uplifting new embroideries and invigorating embellishments. Not forgetting the attention given to timeless dramatic cuts synonymous with the Signature handwriting.

From the fluid feel of charmeuse to the more lavish foundation of Mikado every carefully considered fabric provides an infallible canvas on which more daring, contemporary details come to life. Distinctive bows, elegant drape, defiant sleeves and radiant beadworks represent just some of the glorious diversity showcased within the brand-new designs.

In previous bridal collections, Justin Alexander demonstrated that he had the skill and technique to combine classic silhouettes with a modern sensibility. However, this fall 2021 collection aptly shows that Justin Alexander has now become a master of the bridal artform of fusion, fusing classic bridal looks with a modern perspective on what modern brides want to wear.

Images courtesy of Justin Alexander

Whether those modern touches are more form-fitting silhouettes, more skin exposure or strategic placement of bows, embellishments or cascading falls, Justin Alexander gives voice to these modern distinctions. And modern brides are all the happier for his craftsmanship.

—William S. Gooch


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