Lihi Hod Bridal Fall 2021

If there is any time that we need and deserve a whimsical romantic journey, that time is now!! Looking for that whimsical journey that includes romance and fantasy, then Lihi Hod has a great selection of romantics wedding gowns in her fall 2021 bridal collection.

Lihi Hod’s “White Blossom” is a creation of infinite love, innocence and powerful emotions. Hod’s new collection features magnificent pieces; stunning gowns with flowing, classic silhouettes and romantic details, as always reflecting Hod’s meticulous craftsmanship, the signature of all her creations. The gowns are made of silk organza, Mikado silk and beaded tulles, and ornamented with handmade, embroidered three-dimensional flowers.  The campaign was shot in a romantic, Tuscany-like, magical atmosphere of lavish flowers and greenery which enhance the gowns’ primary beauty, making brides blossom on their unforgettable day. 

The “White Blossom” collection is a part of Lihi Hod’s DREAMS collection. The DREAMS collection is an invitation to a romantic journey in our new and changing world. The collection includes 13 dresses named after inspiring places, a love letter to travel, to new discoveries and to beloved destinations we all have, especially these days. The collection highlights the use of new materials and handmade fabrics, unique accessories and beautiful details. The fabrics were especially developed for the brand, and sewing is done in the design studio with the utmost care and in accordance to each client’s wishes.

The DREAMS collection was designed this season with the modern bride in mind: a collection of light and romantic dresses—a contemporary interpretation of timeless dresses and lasting sense of style that suits our times. The collection uses tulles and delicate transparencies, soft layers, handmade fabrics, flowers and beads to enhance the story each garment tells. It also pays attention to the right movement of the gown, the ease of wearing it, and the freedom it enables.

Images courtesy of Atelier PR

Attempting to define the right wedding dress, the collection focuses on the female body by using lightweight fabrics and meticulous details resonating French style and eternal romance. This is evident, in a dress with a neckline that reveals a layer of lace and beads underneath, a classic asymmetrical dress with pleats, gowns with different variations of transparencies and layers, delicate corset dresses and dresses that combine beads and flowers in three dimensions.

The new Dreams collection is all about a carefree, effortless look that suits the modern bride with its bohemian style, meticulous attention to detail, impeccable craftsmanship and design. The collection offers multiple options for a bride that seeks a modern, timeless and romantic gown for any occasion, anywhere and anytime.

—William S. Gooch


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