Fashion Reverie Exclusive: CARAT Footwear, Made to Last and Impress

Not many fashionistas can say they are embuied with a with purpose early in life, but there are the fortunate few who are called into the fashion world with a purpose, before they even know it. Maybe it’s the fashion gods above who bless us with a purpose to help shift the narrative of the fashion world.

Fatmah Hussain came into the fashion industry to raise standards in footwear, and she s breaking the mold with her high-end fashion brand, CARAT. Hussain designs footwear that pays tribute to iconic women’s wardrobes, all while injecting a modern design aesthetic.

Unmistakably sophisticated and bold, CARAT never compromises style and constantly provides cutting edge pieces for any occasion, ensuring nothing but perfection for those who appreciate quality, authenticity, and comfort. “A pair of shoes means joy and comfort; uplifting both a person’s height and their confidence, that’s why I love them,” states Hussain.

Fashion Reverie spoke with Fatmah Hussain as she elaborates on her emerging global footwear company as she uplifts and teaches us the confidence to “walk through [each] journey on clouds.”

Fashion Reverie: How did you get your start in the fashion industry?

Fatmah Hussain: The first step was getting the knowledge needed in order to start. I’m a geologist; I’ve been “still” in the [geology] industry for more than 10 years. I knew that even if I had an idea, theme, or style, those should be backed up with footwear business knowledge. So, I took a customized course with one of the best footwear schools in Milan, “Arsutoria,” and that was the turning point.

FR: When and where did your passion for fashion begin?

Fatmah Hussain: I’ve always had one eye for fashion, especially shoes “as all ladies do.” think we are all connected to fashion in some way or another. So, I decided in 2018 to convert this passion into a real business and express my creative side through it.

FR: Where do you find your inspiration?

Fatmah Hussain: I get inspired by art, architecture, and jewelry. Integrating them all in one way or another, the collection idea came to me one by one and lined up in a consistent way. The final touches were done on the prototypes. When I get the physical designs, I get more creative and playful.

FR: How would you define CARAT?

Fatmah Hussain: Iconic, bold, and sophisticated.

FR: What’s the most important thing you have learned about the fashion business?

Fatmah Hussain: That it takes more than knowledge and budget to start your own label. You need passion [to] keep yourself motivated, armed with dedication, and a strong will to keep going.

FR: What fashion shifts are helping to set some designers apart in this era of fast fashion?

Fatmah Hussain: I think it’s important to “not follow” trends. The fashion industry seasons are exhausting to follow and to keep up with. Focusing on customers’ needs, having a clear vision, and strategy are more important.

All images courtesy of CARAT

FR: Do you think celebrity/influencer culture is becoming a driving force in fashion?

Fatmah Hussain: There is no question about the important role influencers and celebrities are having on the industry. But, we’re dealing with smart customers. [However], if it’s not meeting [the] customer’s expectations of quality and comfort, I don’t believe it will succeed.

FR: What impact on footwear do you want to be known for?

Fatmah Hussain: I’d like the brand to have the impression of being “comfortable and elegantly in-style,” and these are the main elements I’m maintaining in each collection.

FR: What can consumers expect from you next?

Fatmah Hussain: The brand is blooming; there are more colors to CARAT than what we’ve shown in the last collections. Keep up with the next collection; it will reveal more of CARAT’s identity.

—Courtney Wilkins

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