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“Some movie stars wear their sunglasses even in church. They’re afraid God might recognize them and ask for autographs.”– Fred Allen

The accessory you can’t leave off your spring and summer checklist are sunglasses. For both style and health, sunglasses should be worn as the days get longer and you spend more time outside. They’ll protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, and it doesn’t hurt that they’ll add an immediate cool factor to whatever you’re wearing.

Fashion Reverie has you covered (literally and figuratively), with a curated list of sunglasses, there’s something for every budget and every need.

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Yunizon are designed for all genders, sizes, and facial features. You’ll look stylish in their unique eyewear inspired by the diversity of New York City. But one feature that make Yunizon a real standout is their focus on fit. Look chic and protect your eyes from the sun’s powerful rays without compromising your comfort.

Yunizon Eyewear features:

  • Three different head widths in all styles: narrow, medium, and wide caters to all sizes
  • Broader nose pads offer enhanced grip, zero slippage, and max comfort
  • Designs to accommodate high cheekbones, low bridge nose and other unique facial features
  • Modified temple lengths that are more secure and easily adjusted

Use their online guide to find the perfect fit. Sign up for their email list and save 10% on your first order.

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Maui Jim Punchbowl Glasses

These acetate framed lenses have a few tricks up their sleeves that really improve the overall quality. Plus, they’re available in three different color schemes.

Like most good polarized sunglasses, you’ll get 100% UV coated lenses. This coating is important for filtering out harmful sun rays that can damage eyes over time. Plus, the polarization will help reduce glare and reflection.

While they’re a more casual frame, they are ready for prescription lenses. That means you could put in a set of photochromic lenses that adapt to light conditions and wear these all the time!

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Kate Spade Annika Sunglasses

These frames are lightweight plastic that look like wood with a modern, yet rustic feel. They are big enough to block out lots of light without overwhelming your face. These dark frames are perfect for bright days and will cut down dramatically on glare.  

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Oakley Unstoppable

If you’re someone for whom warm weather means adventure in the sun, these glasses are perfect for you. Rubber temples and bridges are a necessity and Oakley delivers. Rubber helps keep the sunglasses from slipping off when you move, especially when you’re sweaty or active. Slim and lightweight, they are available in huge variety of colors and options. Easily the most versatile pair of polarized sports sunglasses you can find.

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Bolle Women’s Greta Sunglasses

A more casual but no less stylish frame that retails for around $60 making them a very affordable pair of polarized lenses. With a good width, they are perfect for less aggressive activities. Nylon frames are durable and hold up well to flexing and pressure. Plus, the polycarbonate lenses are insanely impact resistant and lightweight. They come in five styles inspired by classic 1960’s fashion.

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Perverse Sunglasses

This is company is only two years old; but is already making waves with its edgy and cool frames. It uses a variety of materials, including wood, polycarbonate, and acetate to make these eye catching sunglasses. The glasses typically retail for about $50 but you can find several styles online at Nordstrom’s Rack or Amazon for as little as $14!

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Bonnie Clyde

Self-described as “made with bizarre elegance and sincere personality,” Bonnie Clyde is a brand for those who aren’t afraid to be a little different. Even though the company is not quite two years old, these under $100 glasses are a favorite among alternative musicians.

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Prive Revaux

Planning to take a trip this spring or summer? Sunglasses are an absolute must! However one of the dangers of travelling is leaving things behind. Pretty much everyone has multiple pairs of sunglasses in their life. But when you are travelling your ability to recover your property is extremely limited. Enter Prive Revaux. Starting at $29.95 you can afford to pick up multiple frames to suit any occasion and it won’t sting too much if you lose them.

Don’t let their affordable cost fool you. These are high quality designer sunglasses in a wide range of styles, most featuring UVA/UVB and blue blocking to keep harmful rays at bay.

But with packing space limited, how are you going to fit multiple eyeglass cases into your luggage? Prive Revaux has you covered. Not only does their low price point make it possible for to buy lots of frames but their Travel and Go accessory makes it possible for you to carry up to 4 frames in a convenient compact travel friendly case! Choose from colors lavender, ivory, mint, cherry red and black, which all retail for $29.95.

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