Bridal Beauty Trends for the Modern Bride


On that very special day, the modern bride wants to make sure that every detail is in place. From the perfect wedding location, to the perfect gown, to the perfect wedding cake, every thing has to be just right, even the makeup. Remember, for some brides this perfect day will only come once in a lifetime, and this day has to be the day of all days!!

Fashion Reverie’s Beauty Editor Janine Silver has curated the current bridal beauty trends to make that special day absolutely memorable. And with the special assistance of Miss USA Erin Brady, Fashion Reverie is confident that this bridal beauty editorial will not only turn you into a ravishing bride, but also make that special day unforgettable!!

To see the editorial in full screen, click the bubble icon on the right, below the thumbnail slideshow.


  1. cool slideshow, great images <3

  2. I love all the different hairstyles and make-up looks! I wish I could be a bride all over again — what a beautiful experience.

  3. I absolutely adore the photo with all the brushes. I will be getting a new sister in law soon. It would be so much fun to have all the bridemaids do this.

  4. I adore this!

  5. beautiful pictures!

  6. Franzine says

    Im in love with the ethereal look! It’s not too common these days to see such a natural look. Love it!

  7. This makes me want a do over from my wedding in Vegas almost 20 years ago! 🙂

  8. Oh I love the last two! The second to the last is so beautiful I love that brite fuschia lip color

  9. Nice, I really like the 3rd one!

  10. Just finished watching say yes to the dress so I was in the mood to look at these! Ready to be a bride all over again!

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