Rolando Santana Spring 2014

Rolando SantanaMexican-born designer, Rolando Santana returned to the runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week with a spring 2014 collection that was inspired by artist icon Frida Kahlo. Kahlo was known for her vivid self-portraits. Santana channeled the powerful elements of the famed artist into his own artistic vision for his latest ready-to-wear collection that was infused with body-conscious feminine silhouettes adorned with graceful floral patterns that can be found in Frida Kahlo’s famous paintings.

The vivid color palette takes a page out of Kahlo’s use of light and pastels shades, ranging from the vibrant hues of yellow, lavender, white, and nude. This color palette was paired with sequined embroidery, peplum detailing, and fringed accents combined to create a flirty collection with a minimalist approach that is effortlessly stylish. The collection consisted of both causal and going out looks relaxing afternoon or nice evening out from exhilarating collection will breathe life into your spring wardrobe.

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Chic leather jackets, oversized sweaters, and full-length skirts are some of the trendy, standout pieces that can be found in Santana’s spring 2014 collection. Though the collection is quite sophisticated, there are elements of freedom and a relaxed lightness that comes with the budding of Spring and the shedding of swaddling clothes and all the winter layering.

—Dana E. Givens

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