Editor’s Pick: Perrelet Turbine Dragon Watch

Most men love a great watch. And with the sudden boom in men’s accessories there is a plethora of new watch brands attempting to tap into this burgeoning market. However, most male consumers tend to stick with the tried-and-true brands, unless the upstarts are endorsed by a major sports figure.

Since 1777, luxury Swiss watchmaker Perrelet has been on the cutting edge of innovation.  Founder Abraham-Louis Perrelet and his son Louis-Frederic left an indelible mark with their inventions of split-second chronograph and the automatic winding movement.  With the new, limited edition Turbine Dragon Watch, Perrelet extends the brand’s heritage and commitment to elegance and creativity by combining innovation with fashion-forward sensibility.

Image courtesy of Benali Consulting

This special edition turbine watch, made in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Dragon, comes with natural white mother of pearl dial, set off by a black leather alligator strap. The dragon symbol, made of hand-colored, Polynesian mother-of-pearl, is ingeniously and subtly embedded in the dial, only is illuminated when the turbine starts spinning. The dragon symbol in Chinese culture represents happiness and harmony. “The Dragon Turbine Watch comes a respect piece with one rotor on top and another underneath. The two rotors working together will wind the watch 40% faster.” …. “Our customer base has changed, we have a lot more affluent Asian who live and visit the US. They love luxury products, so, it was important for us to come with a special edition watch that celebrated the things Perrelet is known for—elegance and refinement—while culturally tapping into this growing demographic,” details Perrelet Managing Director Michael Goldstein.

Though the Turbine Dragon is a luxury watch, it will still appeal to that discerning male consumer who wants luxury and sportiness as complimenting elements. “Though the Dragon Turbine looks very sporty, we found that our Asian customers wanted a more high-end strap than you would find on most sports watch. So, we opted for a leather alligator strap. The watch is water resistant to 300 feet, so you can still take it in the water” confesses Goldstein.

A tried-and-true brand, cutting-edge innovation, sophisticated elegance, and great value; what more could the discerning customer in the market for a luxury watch want. Abraham-Louis Perrelet would be so proud!!

For more information, go to perrelet.com.

—William S. Gooch

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