Fashion Tea with Kristopher: Month of October 2019

The month of October brings pumpkin pies and Halloween costumes, but you could use some hot tea to supplement your cravings for fall sweets. Come on in as Fashion Reverie spills the tea as the weather turns crisp and autumnal.

A top fashion editor is rumored to be leaving her incredibly prestigious and coveted position next year after decades as one the fashion industry’s key movers and shakers. While many are wondering if she’s being forced out, the truth she’s ready to retire. At least she has the glory of being able to leave on her own terms.

This once coveted luxury brand is now running on fumes. What was once a name that could command and demand sales, is now struggling to stay afloat as its consumer base appears to have moved on. This brand’s designer better cut back on his private jet habits; he should put himself on a budget. He may need those ducats and soon.

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A particular luxury brand, that has been really growing its red-carpet clientele base, isn’t doing too well on the sales front. Even established independent brands are having a difficulty competing with a very saturated market. Hopefully, this designer’s recent boost in red-carpet clients will lead to more press and retail sales.

One particular luxury brand that just took their plunge into menswear is having trouble moving their men’s product. According to their sales associates, people still don’t even know they have menswear product until they come to the brick and mortar. It would be best if this luxury brand speaks to their PR and marketing departments to get on some advertising and editorial placements. And get it soon!! 

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