Rock It or Leave It: An Editor Comments on Looks to Love or Hate from the Spring 2020 Runway Season

Every serious fashion industry professional looks forward to fashion weeks in New York, London, Paris and Milan. And though there is always great fashion that comes from these hallowed fashion weeks, some trends just don’t work!! True to form, Fashion Reverie has curated trends from the spring 2020 runway season and breaks down those trends for our viewers. Enjoy!!

Emilia Wickstead spring 2020 and Marc Bovan spring 2020 images courtesy of


1)    Oversized Silhouettes

Spotted: 16 Arlington, Ashish, Christopher Kane, Matty Bowan, and Emila Wickstead

True fashionistas aren’t afraid to be a little uncomfortable for a great look.  But sometimes designers take things to absurd levels. The huge silhouettes presented during the London Fashion Week spring 2020 season could be spotted from a mile away.

While these dramatic looks can be eye catching, they make things like walking, sitting, even standing exponentially more difficult. Consumers would probably require two other people just to put these oversized garments on. If you can afford to hire a staff to help you get dressed go for it, but the rest of us are taking a hard pass.
Leave It!!

Natasha Zinko spring 2020, Roland Mouret spring 2020, AWAKE Mode spring 2020 images courtesy of

2)    Plaid

Spotted: Rejina Pyo, Bora Aksu, Toga, Margaret Howell, and Burberry

It’s always a good time when plaid comes back as a trend. It’s a fun and easy to incorporate prints into your wardrobe that are elegant and appropriate for the office. The best thing about plaid is while its popularity waivers, it’s a classic look that never goes out of style.

Rock It!!


Marni spring 2020 and Moschino spring 2020 images courtesy of

1)    Art-inspired prints

Spotted: Marni, Moschino, MSGM

Italy is known for being home to some of the greatest artists in history so it’s only fitting that one of the trends seen during the Milan Fashion Week spring 2020 season are prints and outfits inspired by iconic artwork.  These art-inspired print offerings were fun and whimsical, as well as eye catching and chic, a nearly impossible combination to pull off, but several fashion brands scored a resounding hit!!

Rock It!!

Gucci spring 2020, Max Mara spring 2020, and Jill Sanders spring 2020 courtesy of

2)    Blazers

Spotted: No 21, Jill Sanders, Max Mara, Emporia Armani

This is a trend that is just plain practical. Blazers are fantastic for so many reasons. You can use them to add a sophisticated touch to any outfit. They often have pockets which is sorely lacking on most clothes for women.  Blazers are so versatile! Do you need more?

Rock It!

New York

Sandy Liang spring 2020 image courtesy of Sandy Liang

1)    Garter Belts

Spotted: Dion Lee, Maki Oh, and Vera Wang

Well this one is a puzzler. These accessories appeared on the runways of New York in the oddest of ensembles. This lingerie look as outerwear would be a big stretch for most consumers and generally wouldn’t be appropriate for most day-to-day situations.   Some designers even put garter belts over the clothes leaving us wondering if they understand how garter belts work.

Leave It!

Khaite spring 2020 and 3.1 Philip Lim spring 2020 images courtesy of Khaite and Getty Images, respectively

2)    Giant Bags

Spotted: Zimmerman, Laurence + Chico, and Barragan

For the spring 2019 and fall 2019 season, there has been a trend of tiny bags barely big enough to hold a lipstick. This was wildly impractical for women. Thankfully, the pendulum is swinging back and giant bags capable of holding your entire life, graced the runways in New York.

Rock It!


Valentino spring 2020 and Alexander McQueen spring 2020 images courtesy of

1)    Asymmetrical

Spotted: Dior, Valentino, and Alexander McQueen

Paris fashion is known for its innovative looks and daring fashion choices. Asymmetrical silhouettes are a fun and easy way to mix up your look. Just be careful with layering or you risk making your neckline look too busy.

Rock It!


Chanel spring 2020 and Altuzarra spring 2020 images courtesy of

2)    Power Suits

Spotted: Chanel, Marine Serre, and Altuzarra

The strides the #metoo movement has made is beginning to be reflected in fashion. Many powerful young women are getting elected and making real change. Thankfully, fashion designers are creating power suits to empower all women. Gorgeous, classic suits were all over the runways in Paris.  Get ready to snap them up!

Rock It!

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