Berta Bridal Fall 2020

Young American woman are conditioned to believe in their ‘happily ever,’ a.k.a. your wedding day. This is the occasion that will bring them very close to becoming a fairy princess. This fairy princess bride ideal comes into full-on displays of glamour, embezzlements, lace, and sequins during the wedding ceremony. For the bride walking down the aisle, too much is never enough.

Berta continues to fulfill their customers fairytale needs with their fall 2020 collection featuring an abundance of lace, gauze, and sparkle. With roots in Israel, Berta also caters heavily to that customer who want the grand ballgowns and embellishments. The brand also continues to build on the success of their best sellers, like their trumpet gowns, which are found in top American department stores, bridal boutiques, and notable vendors. Trumpet gown silhouettes continue to be a trademark of Berta’s wedding gowns, giving the bride that form-fitting shape at the top with an elegant flare at the bottom.

In the past, tulle embroidered sleeves had been trademarks of Berta’s collection, but this season designer Berta Balilti was encouraging brides to go sleeveless and show a lot more skin with halter-top silhouette bodices. Many modern brides today want to show more skin, taking a less conservative approach to the bridal gown.

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In a bid to get a little edgier with their bridal offerings, Berta created a sequined minidress with a crystal neckline and straps.  Unfortunately, this sequined minidress looked out of place among Berta’s more classic offerings. The sequined minidress as a pre-bridal party or wedding-after dress could work, so from a business perspective the inclusion of this dress made sense.

For as much craftsmanship that goes into Berta’s gowns between the hand-stitched lace and embroidery to getting the silhouettes just right, there is a magical effortless to this fall 2020 collection.  And if all the effort and craftmanship makes the bride feel like a dreamy fairy princess, then all the work is worth it.  

  Kristopher Fraser

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