Fashion Reverie’s Autumn 2019 Fragrance Roundup

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No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory

–Coco Chanel

The weather is turning colder and it’s time to replace your summer scents with new ones just in time for crisp autumn weather.  Fashion Reverie has a collection of wonderful newly released scents to fit any budget that will have you sniffing with joy.

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Métallique by Tom Ford

Tom Ford is known for his gorgeous packaging, and his frankly, heavy-handed scents; however, his new fragrance is an exception. Metallique is a musky vanilla floral that’s not as bold as his other fragrances, so no fear of offending sensitive co-workers.

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Replica Whispers in the Library by Maison Margiela

Finally, a perfume for book nerds. This warm and spicy gender-free fragrance was inspired by the stacks at Oxford University.  The peppery vanilla aroma will make you eager for a night curled up with a good mystery.  

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Les Eaux de Chanel Paris Rivera by Chanel

Les Eaux is a new perfume from Chanel that is perfect for consumers who prefer lighter scents. The fragrance is a bright combo of the sweet, tangy freshness of Sicilian orange with the delicateness of neroli for a joyful, sunny scent.

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Illusione for Her by Bottega Veneta

This sleek sexy bottle will almost make you forget about the sparkling combination of blackcurrant, orange blossom, green fig, olive wood, and tonka bean. Almost, but not quite as you’ll be having so many people asking you about your wonderful new scent.

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Libre by YSL

Need yet another beautiful bottle for your Instagram? Even if this bottle wasn’t so Instagram-friendly, the daring new scent by YSL will still inspire you.  Combining lavender essence from France with Moroccan orange blossom for a unique floral fusion complemented by a daring note of musk.

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Carnival Wax

Eager to find a truly unique scent? Carnival Wax fuses unusual aromas into exceptional perfume oils. Perfume oils which can be too heavy in summer are perfect for autumn and winter when a fragrance can be lost under heavy coats and sweaters, just be careful not to let the oil get on fabric. For sale online sample packs of 10ml oils are available to test.  Get ready for something exciting and wonderful, only you will own.

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Black Lotus by Floral Street

The UKbased Floral Street recently became available in the US. There are so many great perfumes to try but our favorite for fall is Black Lotus with its warm and spicy combo of Black Lotus with notes of jasmine, saffron, and papyrus.

Looking for fragrances that are a bit more affordable? Fashion Reverie has curated some affordable fragrances for you.

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North Bondi by Ouai

This beautiful floral with notes of bergamot, Italian lemon, rose de mai, violet, and white musk is a limited edition inspired by the Australian continent.  Retailing at $56, this is one new fall fragrance that won’t hit your wallet quite so hard.

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Urban Outfitters’ Gourmand

Urban Outfitters features a fragrance line, Gourmand, that has a variety of scents for a mere $18 a bottle. Fashion Reverie recommends Whisky Noir. This delicious blend of black coconut, musky amber and complex vanilla whiskey notes is perfect for autumn.

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Nostalgia fragrances’ “Road Trip

Anthropologie carries Nostalgia fragrances that retails for $24. Their “Road Trip” is the perfect fragrance when the weather turns cooler. Inspired by cross-country trips, Nostalgia fragrances feature an airy blend of jasmine, crisp apple, and violet tea.

—Cameron Grey Rose


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