Dennis Basso Spring 2020

Though Dennis Basso is known—particularly outside of the fashion industry—as a fur designer. But he is so much more than that. And with the push toward a free-free industry—California recently passed legislation that restricts manufacture and ownership of new animal fur products—Basso has rightly moved his brand beyond only creating animal-fur garments.

For spring 2020 Dennis Basso looked to classic beauties of the past and attempted to recreate their style as seen through the lens of modern sophistication. From the trendsetting style of Jayne Wrightsman and her bevy of svelte, swan-like friends to modern socialites of that ilk, Basso in this collection combined classic silhouettes of the 1950s and 60s—cinched in waist and bell-shaped frocks, as well as body-lengthening column sheaths—and re-interpreted these classic silhouettes into garments that a modern woman can relate. Additionally, Basso incorporated some sporty daywear, which is on-trend and seen as an element in many spring 2020 collections, in an effort to capture a more youthful consumer.

Basso has recently dressed some younger celebs, namely Bianca Andreescu, winner of the 2019 US Open, demonstrating that his brand can appeal to a younger consumer. However, Dennis Basso is still solidly a high-end fashion brand that has stronger attraction to the ladies who lunch ilk.

The color palette in this collection ranged from china blue and white, café crème to classic black and white. With fabrications ranging from trendsetting denim to cotton canvas, silk gazaar, jacquards and satins. There were some fur highlights evidenced in sheared mink, broadtail, and shearling. Basso also included a lot of embellishments in this collection from embellished flowers to beaded embroidery, feathers and three-dimensional flowers.

For the most part, Basso’s spring 2020 collection was a hit, but there were some misses. Namely, vintage looks that didn’t easily translate to the modern woman—particularly some of the garments that looked as though were taken directly from the pages of American Vogue of the 1970s.

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Standout looks in this collection include Basso’s café-paneled broadtail and nylon coat, paneled hazel suede jacket with paneled hazel suede midi skirt, striped mink and nylon jacket with floral hand-embroidered canvas cocktail dress, full-length white antique georgette maxi dress, and hand-embroidered white feather gown.

—William S. Gooch




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