Taoray Wang Spring 2020

Taoray Wang presented their spring 2020 collection that was projected toward a younger consumer. This spring collection featured classic Yi embroidery.  The collection was part of an effort to lift and assist residents of Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture in southwest China’s Yunnan Province. In Chuxiong, there are over 70,000 women creating embroidery, an industry that is now worth over 100 million yuan—about 14.11 million in US dollars—according to Xu Xiaomei, head of the prefecture’s publicity department. Creative Director Wang Tao brought this embroidery technique, dating back thousands of years, and incorporated it into separates for men and women that Fashion Reverie thinks will be a big hit with consumers, even if some of the styling choices were a bit inconsistent.

The collection featured sophisticated Yi embroidery on tee shirts, hoodies, and coats. The embroidery was so distinctive and elegant, yet not so trendy that it appeared dated, not appealing to consumers looking for garments that go beyond trends. The show also featured piecework shirts that despite being both asymmetrical and busy were also quite chic and youthful.

However, when those separates were combined with other looks, in combination they were a bit overwhelming. A brown embroidered jacket worn over an embroidered mesh tee shirt–begging the question HOW do you embroider mesh?–with a shredded hem, paired with distressed cut-offs and studded cowboy boots, to quote style guru Tim Gunn, “that’s a lot of look.”

The two looks of neon green jumpsuits that featured beautiful embroidery were so minimalistic, sleek and different one can’t help but wonder if they were intended for a different collection. Still, the more minimal looks did allow the beautiful embroidery to take center stage.

Photos courtesy of Concrete Communications PR

The show itself was quite interesting. It’s challenging to add theatrical touches without distracting from the clothes. When a pair of models passed each other they high fived. Then two models circled each, giving menacing looks after colliding shoulders. One model grabbed another’s hand and twirled her.

Designer Wang Tao commented that the appearance  of Yi embroidery’s at New York Fashion Week  was a successful attempt to promote the region’s cultural heritage on a world stage, adding that as more people learn to appreciate the aesthetic of this technique, the industry will grow at a faster pace and Chuxiong’s female embroiders could live a better life. Taoray Taoray’s beautiful spring 2020 collection will no doubt have consumers clamoring for more!

—Cameron Grey Rose



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