New York Fashion Week: The Shows Spring 2020 Dippity Don’ts

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 If you haven’t noticed New York Fashion Week: The Shows (NYFWS) is about more than fashion collections. Though the fashion collections are the primary focus, or should be, NYFWS does facilitate opportunities to show off outrageous clothes and looks.

In previous seasons, Fashion Reverie has brought its viewers some of these comedic and outrageous looks. This spring 2020 season did not fail to disappoint. From over-embellished displays of floral fantasy to tulles of ballerina glory to references to DC Comics’ superheroes, these NYFWS attendees know how to grab attention. And though none of these looks will end up in department stores or be flaunted on red carpets by celebrities, they are worthy of commentary and reflection.

You know Fashion Week is setting trends when Cruella Deville shows up. Love the fur wrap!!

Everybody loves a ballerina skirt, but Misty Copeland you ain’t.

OMG, it is the reincarnation of Carmen Miranda. Unfortunately, that look is 75 years too late!!

Cute skirt, but girl, dress for your body shape!!

In the words of TLC, “I don’t want no scrubs, scrubs is a guy who can’t get no love from me.”

Lordy Lordy, Batman and Catwoman have a transgendered child. A shame the kid didn’t inherit Catwoman’s taste level.

Child, somebody lied to you. You look like Little Mary Sunshine on steroids!!

Cinderella, you can’t get into the ball with that ensemble. Take it back to the Goodwill and get your money back!!

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You might be on trend—marsupial bag, fake fur coat, animal print, and sequined pastel ensemble—but the way you put it together is an absolute miss!!








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