Fashion News Alert: Naomi Campbell’s Charitable Controversy, Anna Wintour’s New Title, and Changes to New York Fashion Week: The Shows Calendar, and Christy Brinkley Joins DWS Cast

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Fashion Reverie frequently does stories on Naomi Campbell. And it not because we are Naomi fans, well, we are, it’s because she is always making headline news.

This week Naomi Campbell’s charitable and philanthropic work came under criticism. Though her heart is in the right place, London’s Daily Mail has cited that Campbell is often seen in the company of less-than stellar wealthy folks.

Campbell has been slated to receive an award for the British Fashion Council for all of her charitable over the years. This award has caused some controversy because Campbell has been seen being festive and frolicky in the company of Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged madam pimp Ghislaine Maxwell. In fact, Campbell was known to fly on Epstein’s private jet. Campbell has also been seen in the company of Harvey Weinstein, former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor, and glock gun magnate Gaston Gluck.

Campbell has clapped back at the Daily Mail by releasing a response on youtube, defending her charitable work and claiming that the Daily Mail has not given her an opportunity to respond. “For me it’s a distorted piece of journalism,” she said. “And I do love great journalism, but this is a direct character assassination.”

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Anna expands

Condé Nast keeps piling on the titles for Anna Wintour. Not only is Wintour Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue, a few years ago she was named Condé Nast artistic director.

Condé Nast announced a few days ago that Wintour will oversee Vogue International. She will also advise executives on global content opportunities.

This new position comes on the heels of lots of changes at Condé Nast. With the advent of Roger Lynch as the new CEO of Condé Nast, replacing Bob Sauerberg, Condé Nast is seeking to increase their declining revenue and redefine Condé Nast in the 21st century.

Lynch detailed that top priorities [have] been to define our organizational structure so that we can take full advantage of our unique growth opportunities and exceptional content around the world.”

“I’m confident that our new global structure will better enable us to collaborate across teams and markets and, ultimately, deliver unparalleled experiences for our consumers and clients,” he added in a article.

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NYFWS spring 2020 update

IMG-WME and the CFDA released the complete fashion calendar on Monday. Contrary to the dictates of incoming CFDA president Tom Ford and lots of press releases to the media, New York Fashion Week: The Shows (NYFWS) spring 2020 season will not be reduced from eight days to five days. According to the recently released updated calendar, NYFWS will span the usual 8-day cycle.

Additionally, many of the designers that did not appear on the Fashion Calendar’s preliminary list—as reported on Fashion Reverie—are now showing during NYFWS spring 2020 season. That includes Tadashi Shoji, Libertine, Elie Tahari, Michael Costello, and many others.

What is interesting about this NYFWS spring 2020 season is the number of designers that have chosen to show off-site, that is not showing at Spring Studios or Pier 59. And though The Shed at Hudson Yards was intended as a new venue for NYFWS, there are next to no fashion designers/brands showing at The Shed. This is probably due Hudson Yards co-owner Steve Ross’ fundraising activities for Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential bid. Prabal Gurung and Rag & Bone declined show their collections at The Shed because Ross’ affiliation with Trump.

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Christie shakes her groove thang

Dancing with the Stars” (DWS) has announced its cast for season 28. That cast includes supermodel Christie Brinkley.

“I’m so excited! I think it’s going to be so fun,” Brinkley, 65, said before adding, “I literally don’t know how to dance. Seriously, it’s true … I really don’t have the moves. So, I’m really excited to learn with the pros. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me.”

“I think whoever I get has his work cut out for him,” she continued. “I think they need to give me a really good one because I need a lot of work … All of the dancers on the show are incredible, really amazing.”

DWS season 28 airs on September 16.

—William S. Gooch

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