Bibhu Mohapatra Resort 2020

There are many positives things you could say about Bibhu Mohapatra’s fashion collections—they are fashion-forward, elegant and chic, and ready made for the red-carpet. All the platitudes aside, what Bibhu Mohapatra has managed to accomplish in less than a decade is establish a wonderful cross-pollination of East meets West, without one design perspective overshadowing the other.

That cross-pollination was evident in Mohapatra’s resort 2020 collection. While renovating a 19th Century home in upstate New York, Mohapatra discovered some old 19th Century newspapers. This discovery served as the inspiration for Mohapatra’s resort 2020 collection.

The plaids and checkered fabric in this collection referenced the popular checkered fabric and plaids of the Gibson Girl of the late 19th Century. The padded shoulders also mirrored the stylish woman at the turn of the century. Bihbu Mohapatra modernized this inspiration by adding lots of asymmetrical cuts and embellishing the checkered fabrics and plaids with sequins.

Bibhu Mohapatra has set a standard for elegantly dressing celebrities for red-carpet appearances and the savvy, urban woman in embellished evening gowns for special events. That is not to say that he doesn’t include daywear in his collections—as he did in this resort 2020 collection. However, Mohapatra’s clothes are not for the shrinking wallflower or the conservative dresser. His garments are for that consumer who is not afraid to show off her glamour and panache, even during the daytime.  And this collection, perhaps, included more daywear than previous resort collections.

Still, Bibhu Mohapatra’s oeuvre is his eveningwear. And in that category, he is right up there with the some of the legends of the fashion industry. His resort 2020 resort collection was rather evidence of that particular genius.

Images courtesy of Bibhu Mohapatra

Standout looks in this resort 2020 collection included the black lace overlay cocktail dress with feathered bottom, white eyelet and lace calf-length dress, black and white off-the-shoulder cocktail dress with asymmetrical cut and black lace overlay, and black peplum evening gown with organza sleeves and organza overlay.

—William S. Gooch

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