Ka Wa Key Men’s Spring 2020

New York Men’s Day (NYMD), which was a predecessor to New York Fashion Week: Men’s (NYFWM), has always had great success presenting emerging designers to the fashion industry. With the almost demise of NYFWM, NYMD continues what it began almost six years ago, presenting emerging designers’ collections to the larger fashion community.

Ka Wa Key is a London-based fashion line that project gender fluidity into its collections. With roots in Asian and Scandinavian design aesthetics, the brand strives to work sustainability and ethical fashion into its collections, as well as centering its creativity on reworking casual wear.

For its spring 2020 menswear collection, Ka Wa Key’s “What happens in grandpa’s closet stays in grandpa’s closet” collection was a reworking of things that could have been sitting in a man’s (grandpa’s) closet for decades. These looks could be those treasured, secretive garments one would acquire from exotic locales, but were only worn at a less conservative time in one’s life. Interesting pajamas, lounge wear, faded sweaters, and deconstructed pants and tops all waiting to be reinvigorated with a fashion-forward designers’ touch. And the Ka Wa Key design team accomplished that.

There were several deconstructed sweaters and pants in this collection, original dreamy watercolor handprinted prints and knitted fabrics, all done in creamy pastels, for the most part. And in line with the signature look of the brand, there were lots of layered jackets and tops. The layered looks of this collection are a plus for Ka Wa Key, giving their consumer base lots of options.

Images courtesy of Agentry PR

Known for their “twink” projection, Ka Wa Key presented this collection on model/dancers, exhibiting the ease of movement and casual nature of the garments. Though there were some merits in this spring 2020 outing, this collection was still focused mostly on the brand’s niche audience. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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