Fashion Reverie’s Fall 2019 TV Preview Roundup

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When Hulu and Netflix began dipping their toes into the world of scripted television many predicted the end of the fall television season. Years later, fall TV is still going strong! These are the shows that has Fashion Reverie throwing the popcorn in the microwave and getting excited for quiet night at home in front of the tube!!

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Katy Keene (The CW)

This Riverdale spinoff features Lucy Hale as the titular Katy and three other creatives as they pursue their dreams in New York City. Katy dreams of becoming a legendary fashion designer, so expect some fantastic clothes. It’s the CW so expect amazing production values and fun soapy twists.

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Filthy Rich (Fox)

While Sarah Jessica Parker was hailed as the style icon of “Sex and the City,” eagle-eyed viewers knew it was Kim Cattrell’s Samantha who had style and attitude to make insane outfits work. She returns to TV as the widow of high-powered TV preacher, shocked to discover he has three children outside their marriage. Set in the Texas church community, the budget for hats alone will be through the roof.

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Bluff City Law (NBC)

It has been decades since he appeared on “LA Law,” but Jimmy Smits is back as a Memphis lawyer fighting alongside his daughter to hold big business and corrupt institutions accountable. The fall 2019 season sees a glut of legal show, but this one stands out.

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Tommy (CBS)

Four-time Emmy-winner Edie Falco returns as Tommy the first female police chief of Los Angeles when the city is forced by a federal judge to hire a woman. Equal parts political, procedural, and family drama, this show was created by Paul Attanasio, the mind behind “Bull” and “House MD.”

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Mixedish (ABC)

The producers of “Blackish” and “Grownish” are back with “Mixedish.” “Mixedish” tells the story of Bo, the matriarch of the “Blackish” clan, and her life growing up in the 80’s. After the government breaks up the commune she lives on with her family, a tweener Bo heads to the suburbs and a mainstream school with her two siblings. Set in the 80’s, this will feature a lot of neon, giant hair, and new wave music.

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Nancy Drew (The CW)

“Veronica Mars’” fans, disappointed with the recent reboot on Hulu, will be thrilled to learn a new “Nancy Drew” will be coming to the CW this fall.  Played by Kennedy McMann, the teen swears off detective life until she finds herself accused of murder. Still reeling from the death of her mother, she’s forced, along with several other teens, to find the real killer and clear their names.

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Sunnyside (NBC)

Ready for a break from the tragedy of current immigrant life in America?  Check out this bright, lively comedy from the creators of “Brooklyn 99.”  Kal Penn stars as a former New York City councilman who after losing career, finds a new job helping some residents of Sunnyside, Queens become US citizens.

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The Good Place (NBC)

OK, Fashion Reverie is cheating a bit. This is a returning show, but it’s a favorite. Coming back for its fourth and final season, this fantasy tells the hilarious story of four humans navigating the afterlife. It also features clotheshorse Tahani Al Jamil (played by Jameela Jamil )who upon dying on earth and being plunged into a void, screams for help when she realizes she’s wearing a VEST!

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