Fashion Tea with Kristopher: Month of July 2019


The Fourth of July signifies rising temperatures on the East Coast. And true to form, a few weeks later New York City was hit with a devastating heatwave with sporadic blackouts to boot. Hopefully, you had some nice cold iced tea. If not, Fashion Reverie is here to quench your thirst, and we are serving you extra sweet, Georgia tea, grandmother style.

A prominent lifestyle publication in New York City may be on the skids. The publication, which is known for not even paying their contributors, appears poised to go out of business soon. It’s a tough time for fashion publishing.

Vendors are pulling out of New York’s trade shows. With physical stores closing and everyone making a shift to e-commerce, trade shows are having a tough time keeping up with the times. What were once rows of brands have turned into seating for attendees at the trade shows. It’s a crying shame!!

The Fashion Calendar for the spring 2020 New York shows has been released and it is looking SPARSE. While many are complaining about how light it is, some are saying this is a smart way to bring international editors back. Even top designers, like Vera Wang, have returned to the calendar.

Tiffany & Co. is in a heated legal battle with Costco over the latter selling diamonds they claimed to be associated with the world-renowned jewelry brand. Tiffany & Co. did not take kindly to this misleading marketing ploy and is now suing Costco for what is in layman’s terms, false advertising.

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