David Hart Men’s Spring 2020

If there was one redeeming aspect of New York Fashion Week: Men’s (NYFWM) spring 2020 collections, it would be New York Men’s Day (NYMD). As a precursor to what eventually become NYFWM, NYMD still seems to have some relevance while NYFWM is quickly fading into oblivion.

David Hart is one of the few New York City–based menswear brands that has consistently presented his menswear collections during NYMD.  And where other menswear brands have faded by the wayside or entirely gone out of existence, David Hart is staying strong.

For spring 2020, David Hart looked to crimes scenes of the 1930s and 1940s as seen in the photography of Weegee (formerly known as Usher Fellig). Weegee documented dramatic crimes scenes and emergencies of the 30s and 40s often by following ambulances and sirens which accounted for him being the first person at the scene of the crime. Hart even had chalky outlines of bodies and caution tape to conjure images of crime scenes.

Inspired by the black and white photographs from the Weegee estate, Hart’s collection was mostly in black, grey, and white color tones with a little lapis lazuli suits thrown in for good measure. The only other bold color in this color collection were the jewel-toned Louboutin sneakers.

There were no extra frills or embellishments on David Hart’s classic 90’s boy band suits. And as well-made and well-tailored as Hart’s suits were—he never really reinvents masculine silhouettes—what stood out most were Weegee scenes of Coney Island and a sexy 40s club dance imprinted on some the shirts and bomber jackets is what stood out most in this fashion outing.

Photos courtesy of Agentry PR

One other element to take not of in this collection is Hart’s decision go more youthful which was particularly apparent in the graphic-printed bomber jacket and shirts. This spring 2020 collection is a winner; Hart keep up the good work!!

—William S. Gooch





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