Fashion News Alert: Matt Dillon’s New Job, Kate Moss Collaborates with Zadig & Voltaire and Norma Kamali Unveils Skincare Line

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Menswear Italian Brioni has a new actor as the face of their winter 2020 Tailoring Legends campaign. Matt Dillon will appear in the brand’s winter 2020 campaign in black and white images photographed by Gregory Harris. As the face of Brioni’s fall 2020 campaign, the 55-year old Dillon is succeeded by Samuel L. Jackson, Pierce Brosnan, and Anthony Hopkins.

Founded in Rome in 1945, Brioni has been worn by such iconic actors as Clark Gable, Henry Fonda, John Wayne, and Gary Cooper. Brioni suits have been worn by Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan in several Bond films. Since 2002, Brioni has been owned by Kering, the French luxury group.

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Kate Moss’ new gig

Zadig & Voltaire has a new muse, supermodel Kate Moss. Kate Moss will collaborate with the French apparel brand on its new rock n’ roll fall 2019 campaign.

Moss will not just be the face of the brand’s fall 2019 campaign but will also collaborate with Zadig & Voltaire’s creative director Cecilia Bönström on bags, shoes, and possibly apparel.

Zadig & Voltaire has ramped up their retail presence with 199 stores in France and 260 stores globally. The brand has recently opened new location in Nice and Porto.

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Norma Kamali expands

If being an icon in the fashion industry is not enough, Norma Kamali adds to her long list of accomplishments by unveiling a new direction in her career by releasing a skincare line. As reported by Vogue, Normalife: The Skinline, includes a skincare collection spanning cleanser dubbed ‘Clean,’ an exfoliator titled ‘Smooth,’ a color enhancer called ‘Glow’ and a moisturizer, ‘Soft.’

“I am sharing everything I do, everything I use and all the information I have gathered in the last 40 years!” the designer promises. “Normalife is democratic inclusive for men and women of all ages, skin color and types!!,” explained Kamili in an Instagram post. The skinline was first developed as I was approaching 50 and I decided makeup was not working on my skin anymore and that if I showed my bare skin it would be a better alternative but it had to look good,” continues Kamali on the NormaLife site.

Normalife can be used by both sexes and contains natural and understandable ingredients, such as charcoal, ground olive pits and fermented sugar beets. The line is free of parabens, sulfates, artificial fragrances, and preservatives. Normalife launches this week.

—William S. Gooch

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