Let CBD Beauty Products Be the Answer to your Summer Skincare Needs


Unless you have been sleeping under a rock or just very busy, you are probably aware of all the buzz around CBD beauty products. With everything from anti-aging cremes, under eye gels, moisturizers to beauty masks to cleansing gels, CBD is proving to be the next best ingredient in beauty products.

CBD or cannabidiol is an active ingredient found in cannabis and hemp. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (TCH), CBD does not have psychoactive properties—no flying to the moon on CBD. In oil form, CBD has been shown to decrease inflammation, skin irritations and redness, and enhance skin rejuvenation. “CBD extracts can be absorbed through the epidermis layers of the skin to interact with cannabinoid receptors located on skin surface cells. With the skin being the largest organ of the human body, what we put on our skin doesn’t only affect the skin, but it can have long-lasting effects on our health and general wellbeing,” explains Shiona Redmond, CBD expert and creator of Graces London, in a forbes.com article.  And with the prediction that CBD beauty products will exceed $16 billion by 2025, CBD beauty brands are quickly becoming the darlings of the beauty industry.

With this wave of CBD beauty products, it’s a challenge to know which brands really deliver. Fashion Reverie has curated a few CBD beauty products that not only will deliver but exceed expectations.

Image courtesy of Cannatera

If you are in the market for a great cleanser that re-invigorates the skin and anti-aging CBD product, Cannatera is Fashion Reverie’s brand of choice. A few of our editors tried out some of Cannatera’s products and gave rave reviews.

By creating a product that activates the plant molecules to find the endo-receptors on the cells of the skin, in order to go to work and “make improvements” by healing unhealthy cells and regenerating skin cells, Cannatera provides the fast track to healthy, glowing skin anyone can feel good about! Cannatera products are naturally sourced from a plant known to produce four  times the oxygen of any other plant on the planet, and the only plant that will remediate toxins from the soil, it makes absolute sense that Cannatera is a ground breaking product that not only will make the consumer feel good about their face, but the environment and planet.

Image courtesy of The Bromley Group

Warm temperatures mean that our skin needs to be more hydrated than ever. And High Beauty has the perfect CBD moisturizers to keep your skin rejuvenated and properly hydrated.

Give your skin a high five with this revolutionary moisturizer formulated with the highest level of Cannabis sativa oil and potent plant actives. High Beauty’s Cannabis Facial Moisturizers helps naturalize your skin’s inflammatory response, balances your skin function, and protects with potent antioxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Image courtesy of MASK Skincare

After all long day on the job, your skin needs a pick-up. MĀSK sheet mask to the rescue!!

MĀSK sheet masks were developed to restore skin to balance, ease, and radiance.  Formulated with aloe vera and coconut water an instant boost of hydration, the Hydrating and Brightening MĀSK calms signs of inflammation to return skin back to its healthiest-looking state.  Abundant in powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C, and jackfruit helps brighten the look of skin.


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