Missoni Resort 2020

In case you haven’t noticed, the fashion industry loves looking back to other fashionable eras for inspiration. The 1970s appears to the era that the fashion industry is currently having a love affair with. And when it comes to resort collections, no fashion period correlates to easy, breezy, fun-loving times than the 1970s. And isn’t that what resort collections are supposed to be about. After all, resort season conjures up images of comfortable, but fashionable clothes.

No other current fashion brand can distill a 70s design aesthetic better than Missoni., particularly an early 70s perspective. Mission has set a standard for their bohemian, crazy quilt-patterned collections. And their 2020 resort collection is no exception.

Inspired by 70s icons Lauren Hutton and Elsa Perretti, this free-spirited 2020 resort collection draws heavily from familiar archival motif that have been reworked to create new patterns. There are reworked zebra motifs, revisited leopard prints, multicolored foliage, and Missoni’s artsy camouflage. This kaleidoscope of reworked motifs is juxtaposed against the brand’s signature bold geometrics. 

This collection is designed for that sophisticated urbanite who effortlessly elegant and primed for adventure. This collection marries and equatorial tropical mood with the essential wardrobe staples of an urban dweller. Jacquard mini dresses are worn also as vests on fluid maxi dresses. Shirts take center stage from the bowling styles shown in a patchwork of different materials to the fitted silhouettes with roomy sleeves and the more classic options punctuated with knitted details. They are paired with high-waisted pants or with the new skirt pants injected with an easy-chic attitude. Micro aviator jackets crafted from sartorial fabrics introduce a mannish touch, while the classic tuxedo comes in a knitted version enriched with metallic accents.

Photos courtesy of C&M Media

And like many brands this season, Missoni has created their version of the mini bags, designed in collaboration with Iacobella Gaetani. Can anyone say, ”Put it in your peace pipe, smoke it on up.”

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