Linder Resort 2020

Linder’s resort 2020 collection was the first resort collection for the namesake brand. Adding resort to its collections of women’s and menswear is an ambitious feat for a brand that only launched in 2016. However, creative director Sam Linder was up for the challenge.

Choosing Pier 29 as the venue for the launch of the brand’s resort collection was a good choice. The outdoor deck decorated with palm fronds and wood-hewn flooring and seats set the mood for a tropical locale, even the event and guests were inundated with torrential rain. Still, the intention was in the right place.

That said; there was a strong 1970s theme in this first resort outing, with a strong color palette of lime green, blue, cream, and off-white. Sam Linder also injected tennis and a Country Club aesthetic evidenced in a color-blocked tennis shorts, Polo shirts with white piping, and a low-neck tank top.

To make the 70s references even stronger Sam Linder threw in a 70s-inspired jogging suit and runner’s shorts with side ventilation. And the jogging suit and runner’s shorts are an integral part of a definitive fashion trend of a glance back to the 70s.

Though many of the garments in this collection could fit into the athleisure wear category, this collection is so much more than that. Sam Linder has done a good job of finding what is still popular about athleisure wear—comfortable fit, ease of movement, and low clothing maintenance—and mixing in some elements of luxury.

Photos courtesy of vogue

Overall, this was a pretty good attempt at resort wear for the brand. Though it may take a couple of seasons for Sam Linder to find his oeuvre in the resort genre, he is definitely on the right path.

—William S. Gooch

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