New York Fashion Week: Men’s Spring 2020 Pre-coverage

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New York Fashion Week: Men’s (NYFWM) is here again; however, this time around it is five weeks early. NYFWM usually takes place the second week of July, but this time the CFDA has positioned NYFWM’s alongside the resort collections.

As has been noted in previous articles on this site, NYFWM’s has been struggling for the past two years. Since the exit of Amazon Fashion and Cadillac as major sponsors, as well as the defection of major menswear brands Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, John Varvatos, Nautica, Perry Ellis and a hot of other menswear designers to Paris and other fashion capitals, NYFWM is not a shadow of what is it once was when it launched in 2015.

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For the spring 2020 season there are so few menswear designers presenting collection that NYFWM’s season like an odd patchwork of disparate designers, mostly emerging, that are using to opportunity to attempt to get some traction in the New York fashion market. A traction that is quickly diminishing, particularly as European luxury menswear designers have overwhelming embraced streetwear.

That said; New York Men’s Day (NYMD) will kick off NYFWM on Monday, June 3 as they have for past 12 seasons, holding court this time at the newly anointed Hudson Yards. New York Men’s Day will present spring 2020 collections by a returning Timo Weiland, David Hart, Amirok, Feign, Abysm, Ka Wa Key, Tanaka, Vasilis, Todd Hessert, Tanaka, and the NYMD All-Star Designers including Private Policy, Lucio Castro, Krammer & Stoudt, Woodhouse Army, and Descendant of Thieves.

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Unfortunately, other menswear designers presenting is kind of up for grabs. There are some NYFWM’s stalwarts that have not totally abandoned this event, namely Grungy Gentlemen, Linder, Nihl, and Freemans Sporting Club. Not showing this season are regulars Carlos Campos, Todd SnFeng Chen Wang, Landlord, Palomo Spain, Bode, Dune, Willy Chiavarria, and others.

New York Fashion Week: Men’s will take place on June 3 to June 6.

—William S. Gooch

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