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Festival season is in full swing and no matter if it’s music or an artistic movement, there is a festival out there for every taste.  Aside from the art instillations and bands, one of the best parts of festival season are the over-the-top, gorgeous, sometimes a bit daring, beauty looks! 

We spoke to two of our favorite festival obsessed makeup artists, the dazzling, glitter-loving Amri of @AmriHearts and creator of Kandeolove, and Irish beauty award nominee for Makeup Specialist of the Year and professional bridal makeup artist, Carly Fisher, for the ideal looks to wear to every festival, all season long.

“Preparation can be just as vital as the event itself when really trying to kill a look,” Amri explains. “Your skin needs to be well hydrated and prepared for a day in the hot sun. I personally ‘over-hydrate’ at least a week in advance and ensure I apply a hydrating mask a couple of evenings before and the day of the event. A face primer and long-lasting SPF foundation can be a great help in addition to the proper sunscreen for your specific skin type.”

Fisher also takes skincare very seriously. “I can’t express enough the importance of SPF and the protection it gives to your skin. Most importantly for health reasons such as skin cancer but also to protect your skin from premature ageing. You’ll still get a suntan while using SPF, just not burn to a crisp and destroy your skin.”

“If you happen to soak in a little too much sun, I always use Aloe Vera to help rehydrate before heading out for day two,” shares Amri.  And “always, always, always wash your face before calling it a night!”

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Governor’s Ball Music Festival

“I love the idea of the no makeup skin look [for Governors Ball] with faux freckles dotted onto the face” explains Fisher. 

To get the look Fisher recommends using Inglot’s AMC Brow Liner Gel and applying onto the cheeks. “Slightly more of a defined brow [would work] here, too.”  Fisher recommends using Revolution Brow Pomade for the desired effect, complemented with luxurious lashes, such as Rebeluna lashes and NYX Butter gloss on the lips to keep them soft and supple.

She also recommends applying a bit of “bPerfect Tan of course for that [elusive] New York City glow.”   Top it off with a face jewel placed between the brows to coordinate with your outfit, to really add some personalized, second-look worthy, New York style!

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Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

“Held in Tennessee, this arts and music festival definitely gives off a more relaxed feel. I would keep away from the glitz and glamour of festival makeup and keep it all toned down,” Fisher explains.  “Image Skincare Oil Free SPF with a good base, such as Fenty Beauty Pro Filter Foundation [will give you a perfect and more importantly, protected complexion.]”

Adding a touch of color on the lips from the Sculpted by Aimee Lip Quad (a great multi-colored pencil to easily stash in your bag) and a pair of feathery lashes like the ones by SoSu, will give this ‘no makeup’ look a twist!  Fisher recommends pairing the look with braids and white denim to complete the effect!

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Firefly Music Festival

“Go all out in color here for the Firefly Festival,” Fisher exclaims.  This type of festival is the ideal place to rock tons of colors at once.  Your imagination is the limit so you can really turn your face into a canvas and go crazy.

Fisher shares that you should start by applying an SPF such as Bioderma to make sure your skin is protected from those summer rays.  Then to get that highly pigmented, rainbow explosion look you’re after, she recommends the bPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival Pallet and lots of glitter for that standout, stop and stare sparkle. To finish the look, Fisher recommends swiping on Lime Crime’s liquid lipstick, which will last through all your favorite sets!

“Wearing braids is a great way to keep yourself cooler and keep hair away from the face while dancing [at Firefly],” explains Amri.  “Also cosmetic grade, chunky glitters, bold, bright eyeshadow colors are a must, when you are really trying to go for a brilliant look. I’ve always had a love for glitter, but always had trouble finding a cosmetic grade chunky glitter that would really make the statement and express the beauty I was after. This led me to create my own line of cosmetic grade glitters, Kandeolove. Problem solved!”  

As the queen of glitter, Amri suggests using gel adhesive to keep the glitter from ending up all over your face.  “Kandeolove glitter gel adhesive is made with Aloe Vera included, so it also helps with skin protection.” An added bonus for a hot day in the sun!

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For a hip festival like Lollapalooza, Fisher suggests, “pairing your makeup look to match that cool electric Chicago feel.”  She adores these hip ‘hun buns’ for this festival with bronzed skin and simple face jewels.

“Smoked out eyes and signature fluffy brows finished with fluttery lashes and a sexy nude lip [are perfect for this event.]”

As always, Fisher recommends starting with a good SPF, Image Skincare Oil Free SPF, is another one of her favorites. “Always apply a longwear foundation, I love Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Soft Matte Hydra Makeup.” Fisher is also obsessed with creating soap brows for a natural fluffy brow complemented by some Ardell Demi Wispies and face jewels…” will keep that hip feel to your look so you’re ready to rock on.

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Burning Man

“Burning Man is the ultimate of all festivals when it comes to style,” gushes Fisher. Set in the Black Rock Nevada Desert, it’s important to remember that it does get a bit dusty and very hot.

“My advice would be to keep the skin fresh and simple with some cool metallic stick-on face beads,” explains Fisher. “The fashion for this festival is go big or go home! Totally out there space age outfits, so the more simple the rest of the makeup the better. To protect your skin in the desert heat you’d need a high SPF 50. I’d recommend Bioderma SPF 50 for face. Double wear light foundation and simple nudes or soft metallic shades on eyes and lips…Remember always protect your skin first in this kind of climate.”  Or keep the focus on your beauty look like Amri does with over-glittered eyes in a myriad of colors that you can’t help but notice.  “I usually do reds, oranges and golds for desert festivals such as Burning Man.” Amri explains.  With glitter piled under the eyes and accentuating the inner, upper corners of brows–or placed like tear drops cascading down the cheeks. 

“Festivals inspire me to express my creativity and to step out of the everyday look. They give us the opportunity to go beyond and try out new and exciting looks that can extend past ones’ wildest imagination,” Amri shares and Burning Man is certainly the time to do just that!

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A Few Last Tips

“Make sure you take the proper gear with you to be able to maximize your experience,” Amri suggests. “Sunglasses and a refillable water source are two very important items that will make your trip much more enjoyable. I also take a foldable fan to most shows I attend. Don’t forget your flag or totem to be able to find your friends and fam. “

For more beauty inspiration be sure to check out Amri on Instagram @Amrihearts and Carly Fisher at

—Janine Silver


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  2. Oh wow! These are all wonderful tips. I haven’t personally gone to any festivals, however, I always love looking through photos from them. The makeup and style are just fantastic! I love the emphasis on SPF too from these ladies. (I’m going to be checking out Bioderma myself!)

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    You are so cute! Everything looks like fun!!

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